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My husband just said that the Fed Res is totally Un-Constitutional and he is correct. But, we are where we are..

What is even more disastrous is the fact that these Liberal “Jews” have been in charge of the Federal Reserve for 20 years.   The only thing that people are going to observe in the end of this mess is the fact that these “Jews” have been in charge of their money.   This will cause a massive amount of Jew-hatred. It just will.  It already has.  That’s the way life is.  

 It is totally stereo-typical to assume that Jews are ‘good with money”.  

Many are not.   The only person who is good with money is a person who knows about money.  And, the only person who should be in charge of THE money in a gentile-ruled country is a GENTILE (Non-Jewish) Christian.  Period!  Why in the hell are so many horrible “Jews” in politics for the bad of the nation & anti Constitution?  Do they not ever learn or what?!

I absolutely knew, in December, that Janet Yellen made a “YUGE” mistake when she raised the interest rate. I knew it.  See it all here: Click

AND:   This is going to make the life of many Jews who are like me–miserable.   Because people don’t care if you are a Conservative Jew or a left-wing Jew, or just an A Political Jew.  ‘You’re a damned Jew and you stole my money.’  (Even though people make their own idiotic decisions.)    Human nature must blame someone.  That’s life.  


The only ‘way out’ for the Jewish people in USA – is to get totally patriotic & right-wing, stand with all white people & either put all your money into the BEST, patriotic, Conservative, Christian candidates OR:  Shut the hell up.  

Take responsibility for our people when we are wrong.

#Hanakkah Miracle: Black Murderer Of Jewish Rabbi, Joseph Raskin Has Been Arrested

#Hanakkah Miracle: Black Murderer Of Jewish Rabbi, Joseph Raskin Has Been Arrested


I covered Rabbi Raskins tragedy last year:  Rabbi MURDERED By #SonOfObama Last Sat. No Riots, Looting Or Police. We MOURNED Like NORMAL People

This was a much loved Rabbi.  I hope his poor family is doing ok now.  How sad.   So many Jews helped black people and now so many Liberal blacks support enemies of the Jews.

See the story: 15 Year Old Dindu Arrested for 2014 Murder of Rabbi in Florida

A song for Rabbi Raskin who is resting with his fathers.

Jew Power

Magen David star stained glass painting in old synagogue, picture was taken in old synagogue in Ukraine which is not exist anymore.

Magen David star stained glass painting in old synagogue, picture was taken in old synagogue in Ukraine which is not exist anymore.

It’s all about the Jews–all the time.  At least you think this if you are a Jew.  I WISH I had the power I am accused of.    Alas, I don’t.  I ‘m just a little blogger and an entertainer.   I wish that the only thing we heard about when discussing Jewish people was their worship of God.   The very 1st Commandment known to the Jews is that “You shall love the Lord your God with all your might and soul and strength”.   I pray that God would help me, personally, do that more, daily.   And, most of the Jews I know, personally, are the same way.

 I really am weary of hearing how “I” am responsible for the take-down of the whole world. I think people/s should take responsibility for their own collective failures.  The West, in general, took itself down.

The real Jew power I want to show you are in these below videos.

 Some of the best Heeb harmony/A’Capella in the first video:

Beautiful, huh?

Young man sings about his father’s prayer, then his father sings at his (Bar Mitzvah) – Translated:  

For this boy I prayed! For you my dear son I prayed to Hashem.  Hashem kindly fulfilled my wishes, You my beloved son will always remain in my prayers and I will always look after you.

My favorite Hebrew song:

Powerful, Jew worship.

May God bless all of you who love the God of Israel, the creator of heaven and earth.

NYTimes & SPLC Scared To Death That White People Are Waking Up To The Racism Against Them

NYTimes & SPLC Scared To Death That White People Are Waking Up To The Racism Against Them


Morris Dees, the Communist, Liberal Gasbag.

“The message of white genocide is spreading.” Says Dees..  Well, it’s spreading because it is true.   If you refuse to allow people their homeland, it is genocide.

Evidently, if whites start waking up en masse, it is thought of as “White supremacy”, not white struggle, white suffering or white genocide.    See, only blacks, Mexicans, other minorities and Jews are allowed to suffer or dissent about their psychological pains…Only those aforementioned are allowed to complain about their unfair treatment.    But, whites are not allowed to dissent about affirmative action, trillions in reparations (that WE paid for) EOE, black and illegal on white crime, illegal on American crime.

Shhhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet, whitey..

EXCERPT from the NYTimes:   The rest of here..

White supremacists across the country, some displaying the apartheid South African flag, have participated in “White Man Marches” to raise awareness of the so-called white genocide.


Really..??  So, granting amnesty by executive order by a black President – to 5 million Hispanics (NON whites) and NOT to whites from Europe is not a form of genocide??   It is estimated that up to 20 million illegals from Mexico and South America are still in the country.   They are reproducing.  Whites are not.  White children will be a minority come 2016.   Obama wants to integrate white, upper middle class neighborhoods with poor blacks and Hispanics (potential volatile situation).   Whites fled the cities which are filled with Hispanics and blacks and now live in the mountains or the country…But, the people they sought to get away from (so they do not have to live in fear) are moving in to their neighborhoods.

In Britain, the #1 name for boys is “Mohammed”.    That is not a form of genocide?  It most certainly is:  The left just does not do it as ‘painful’ as the uber nationalists like for eg. the National Socialists, but it’s the same thing.  It’s just a matter of a slow death verses a quick death.

Another EXCERPT:

The (white) movement is bound to produce more violence, not necessarily from organized groups but from lone wolves like Anders Behring Breivik.

Noooooooooooo, Mr. Dees… you Communist/Liberals and your actions are producing reactions.  The “Lone Wolves” are created by you insane leftists & your race-hustling politics, forcing whites to live with those that hate them..   Leave white people alone.   Stop dumping on whites with the phoney, white guilt mantra – how all “Whites were slave drivers”, “Whites are privileged” jargon and put an end to illegal immigration.   Advise the black youth to stay in their own neighborhoods with themselves, ditto Hispanics.   If you refuse to leave whites alone, it is yourself that will have more blood on your hands, not the reactionaries.

Warning:  Just leave white people live in peace and you won’t see any more Dylann Roof’s.  But, if you keep agitating;  you will, unfortunately see more Roof’s.


Israeli Interior Ministry Official Commits Suicide After Black Bitch Calls Him “RACIST”-Jews DIED 4 BLACKS!

Interior Ministry Official Commits Suicide After Black Bitch Calls Him “RACIST”-Jews DIED 4 BLACKS!


THIS is what progressivism is all about:  Naming those who are not racists, racist..  And, yes – an atheist “Jew”, Leon Trotsky invented the phoney word and now it backfires on the Liberal Jews. IDIOTS!!!

How any Jew can promote the “That’s racist” jargon is beyond me.  But, let’s cut to the chase:  (anti-Jew, Liberal) Jews (to their own determent) have supported minorities much to the unhappiness of nations, yet they are called racists by the very people that they did the most for: BLACKS.  

Many blacks (not all, but many) now support the enemy of the Jews.  Black males beat Jews in Crown Heights.  Blacks are beating whites, looting cities and idiot, left wing Jews support this insanity.  ANYONE who tells me that the ‘Jews are in it for the Jews‘ ever again,  I will blow a gasket.  Jews need to start looking out for themselves here in USA and in Israel and stand with white America.  Enough is ENOUGH.


See how this Jewish man killed his own self by a word one of his fellow Jews invented and now the blacks use against Jews and Christians:  CLICK HERE

This is why I don’t even budge when I am named a racist.  Because it is a LIE.  The whole word is a LIE.  And, the only bigots are young, black males and many young, black females who murder, rape and beat whites, Asians and Jews as they scream racist and burn our cities.



Jews died for blacks during the Civil rights era.  

Many Blacks HATE Jews.  Deal with it.