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Judicial Watch – @SenJohnMcCain Pressured IRS’s Lois Lerner To Attack Tea Party Conservatives

@SenJohnMcCain Pressured Obama IRS’s Lois Lerner to Attack Tea Party Conservatives


….The other day on Twitter, a person told me that I “Showed my colors when I attacked John McCain – After all, McCain was a Vet and a POW”.  

This point is totally moot to me: My WHOLE family is military.  All of the men in my family and most of the women have served in the US Armed forces.   I, myself have entertained Vets & Troops, on & off for 3 decades.  We have POW’s within my family, one who survived 3 years in a Nazi prison camp–he was traded for a pack of Cigarettes.  (He passed away in 2008).    So, please. Spare me the “McCain is a great Veteran & Soldier”.  I know what great Soldiers/Veterans are.

….There is an old saying in show biz:  You’re only as good as your last show.    McCain may have been good 50 years ago,  but as a politician, he is the WORSE Senator in the House.  Period. 

Now, we see at Judicial Watch that John McCain and  predictable, evil, Liberal “Jew”, Carl Levin were in on the whole IRS scandal:


Hat tip: 

Thank you, HaShem, make of Heaven and Earth – for vindicating my good work.

GOP/Conservatives *MUST* Stop Their War-Loving Ways Or Face The Loss Of Another Pres Election

GOP/Conservatives MUST Stop Their War-Loving Ways Or Face The Loss Of Another Pres Election



Smedley Darlington Butler was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. Wikipedia

@SenJohnMcCain “Ashamed Of His Country” (Because We’re Not In Nuke War W/ #Russia, Yet)

@SenJohnMcCain “Ashamed Of His Country” (Because We’re Not In Nuke War W/ #Russia, Yet)

Watch the above video for what really happened in Ukraine (QV3)


….John McCain wants WW3 so bad, he is crying like a spoiled, rotten brat because America is not murdering Russians yet.  He wants the fascist Junta in Ukraine to be armed and craves for more Ukrainian Christians murdered.  McCain needs to be sent to a state hospital and force-fed haladol, 24/7.

See McCain crying because we’re not nuking Russia: CLICK




Some comments regarding McCain’s insanity:

Remember how McCain “suspended his presidential campaign” to rush to Washington as the head of the Republican Party and “solve” the Bush Economic Crash of 2007? All reports are that when he got there, he sat silently at meetings because, of course, he is in fact a drama queen blowhard idiot with nothing to offer on the problem of any kind. The Bush administration wise men (hah) did what they did, and he sat there glowering and mute. What a total stinking fool. At the time, Obama laughed about it as he continued to campaign, rightly saying, “As president of the U.S., you’ve got to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time.” McCain is a nanny-ish, drama queen shrieking chicken little of a fool.


We spend more on “Homeland” Insecurity than we do on citizens. Their very rules to even replace a state ID card that they have placed, so that a citizen can vote, apply for a job, apply for a lease, buy a home,travel anywhere, cost us more than they spend to enforce a ridiculous worthless law, then the gov spends helping citizens. It gets incredible increases in money every year for operations, While people are trying to survive on the streets, who cannot dig out of the hole the recession created. Time to use our money to help ourselves, and screw the politicians, beaureaucrats, and illegals! Congress gave themselves a cost of living adjustment, while social security dependees got one of the smallest increases, 1.5%, in a time of soaring cost of living expenses, in history! Ashamed McCain? YOU SHOULD BE! All of you congressional seatwarmers!

John McCain is a worthless piece of garbage.

US/EU NGO’s/USAID Phoney “Protesters” Demanding #Hungary’s Viktor Orban’s Ouster, #UKRAINE Redux

US/EU NGO’s/USAID Phoney “Protesters” Demanding #Hungary’s Viktor Orban’s Ouster, #UKRAINE Redux

If World war 3 is started, you can bet your bottom dollar that America and Europe started it for oil/energy purposes.  Your sons will be dying for the pockets of the elite war mongers.  Not for freedom, not for anything but money.  Don’t say I didn’t ‘tell you so.’


Hungary is Ukraine redux.  These 100K phoney ‘protesters’ are going to get extremely violent.  We may see NAZI John McCain fomenting riots in Budapest as he did in Kiev.   Most of these ‘protesters’ are paid.   Same way Obama creates his 31 mil BOGUS Twitter followers.   I can already see a bunch of idiot Americans attacking Russia and Vladimir Putin for this disaster in Hungary that EU and USA created.   The Media will attack Putin, non stop, now.   And, Americans have the attention span of a gnat- Everything is Putin and Russia’s fault.  Nothing is ever our fault. 

And, Hungary is not even the tip of the iceberg. Czech Republic is also a target for Soro’s NGO:  NED’s Regime Change Tsar Eyes Czech Republic (Ron Paul Institute)

Demonstrators chanted slogans against Prime Minister Viktor Orban, accusing him of ’employing corrupt officials’ and being too close to………. Russia.. (Really…? No kidding…)

Demonstrators called on Mr Orban to resign (Just like Yanukovych) and demanded the ousting of six public officials, including the head of Hungary’s tax authority, who have been accused of corruption.   Despite the protests, Mr Orban commands broad popularity in Hungary and in April he was re-elected with Fidesz winning two-thirds of the seats in parliament.  The rest:  Click on the BBC news link

If I was Viktor Orban, I would shoot every last one of these phoney ‘protesters’.   OR, lose your country to renegades from Europe as Ukraine has.

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NY #SOROS Times-Building A New Tyrant: Viktor Orban …

#SOROS #Hungary: Maidan-Style “Protesters”

#Soros & @SenJohnMcCain Have Moved On To Destroy Hungary…

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OLD, decrepit, son of evil keeps plugging along. Only the good die young.

#Soros & @SenJohnMcCain Have Moved On To Destroy #Hungary, Just Like #UKRAINE

#Soros & @SenJohnMcCain Have Moved On To Destroy #Hungary, Just Like Ukraine  (Video above is Ramz Paul regarding Hungary)

Any time you see the media use the word ‘Democracy’, they mean destroy.

They are using ‘internet tax ‘ in Hungary to gain world sympathy for another Ukrainian style, phoney revolt:  Around 100000 Hungarians rally for democracy as internet tax hits (Hungarian site) .   Next thing we know, the main stream media will be demanding that Orban is a tyrant.  Already starting with “Anti Orban” garbage: Hungary Internet-Tax Protest Swells Into ‘Anti-Orban‘ Demo (Foolberg)..

“Anti-Orban”…     Soon we will hear from Ann Barnhardt and a few others that Putin is the madman that is prompting this.  Its not Putin.  Its McCain, Soros, Obama and the NGO who want to expand NATO.  Want proof?  Here:  So, let’s see what McCain himself had to say about his time in Budapest.   (January 2014, John McCains website)

Here is the #1 kicker:  US might use diplomatic pressure to block South Stream pipeline in Hungary  (Meaning, cut off Russia) ie. Budapest Beacon online

I wrote about it in Feb:  Click to read the post.  I told ya all first. (the Mad Jewess WordPress) 

This also:  State Dept, Dr. Tillemann to advise Hungarians of the NGO sector. (The Mad Jewess WordPress)

The NGO cabal of crazy is setting up Hungary to be destroyed like Ukraine:  Google search the Hungarian news the last few days.


Who wants WW3 and this is proof:   Here is the #1 kicker:  US might use diplomatic pressure to block South Stream pipeline in Hungary  (Meaning, cut off Russia) ie. Budapest Beacon online