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For 7 Years, America Questioned Black People. It’s The Jews Turn, Now.

For 7 Years, America Questioned Black People.  It’s The Jews Turn, Now.


I don’t like that this is happening because I am a patriotic person and never gave in to the “I’m a minority, poor me, whaahhh” garbage even though I am also Native American Iroquois.     I am a volunteer entertainer for Veterans, have won several awards and mentions.  Countless write ups in Newspapers.  Not to mention the prestigious FORSCOM award given by the US Army.  I have been in the fight against Leftism for 28 years and I am very tired. 

At any rate:  For many years, I have warned Jewish people that this was coming.  Many just didn’t listen.  All they did was call me a racist, a xeno-phobe, a Kapo, homo-phobe and other idiotic innuendos.   I wrote about all of the minorities in America:  The True Reason Why Minorities Are Hated Now & What You Can Do To Change This.

Some changed their ways but many did not.  

 I wrote that post about 4 years ago when my blog was in the top 1% of political blogs in the nation.  So, it’s not like you didn’t hear.  You just didn’t want to do.  Minorities are not above reproach just because they are minorities.  If a minority person or group is acting out in defiance against the nation hosting them, they should be called out, shamed and even, in some cases,  prosecuted.   Sane nations do not tolerate what America has tolerated from it’s minorities.  A minority should never act as a mob against the majority, you are just asking for trouble.

In 2012, American Jews voted for Obama again, 70% ( I didn’t.  I mean, a person named Hussein? Come on)  America’s Jewish Vote – The New York Times

Since then, Obama has immigrated hundreds of thousands of illegals from the South American countries and thousands upon thousands of Syrian ‘refugee’ males.  Many Catholic Hispanics hate Jewish people and always have.  Syrian male refugees are Muslims, and many have learned the Jihad.  No, not all, but many Jews lobbied for these Syrians to come to America.  Many churches, in the thousands also lobbied for these murderers to come here, but American Christians are not in the minority.  So, they are not questioned as hard.

So, many Liberal Jews lobbied for Syrian ‘refugees’ to come here, most of these refugees, male who hate Jews and love Jihad.   When non-Jewish, Christian whites and others ask why Liberal Jewish people lobbied to bring Syrians here who HATE Jews, you should not be aghast.

The Jewish people, as a whole – are going to be questioned about Bolsheviks, Communists, Marxists, Leninists, and more.   Many bring this up because Liberal Jewish people bring up the Holocaust all the time.   It’s not because Americans care what happened to Russia under it’s dictators.   Because most American people care about themselves, football, baseball and fashion and that’s a fact.    It’s a ‘tit for tat’ scenario.   It is totally the truth that a lot Jewish people were involved in the Bolshevik party and many were leaders.  But, the opposition party, the Mensheviks, had far more Jewish people in it.   However, you will be still questioned about this.  

In my opinion, Liberal, anti-American “Jews” should be questioned about their insane politics in the here and now.

On Twitter:  If people are asking out of sincere honesty, there is nothing wrong with that.  Answer honestly, with facts and then move on.  If people are just Tweeting you photos of dead Jews and saying they want another Holocaust; fight back, block, move on.    If people are questioning you about your loyalty, my suggestion is to keep your profiles ‘patriotic’.   Answer honestly and then move on.  Some Jewish people do not answer for 2 reasons:  #1. They have been patriotic their whole life & refuse to answer because it is insulting or    #2. Liberal Jews can’t answer because they’ve ‘been had’ by the questions.  Free speech is the right of the individual American to question politics.  Calling for Jews to be gassed is not free speech, it’s murder.   

If you are a Bolshevik, Marxist, Left-wing crazy who happens to be Jewish:  Please don’t put me in a place where I have to embarrass you.  I can only stand in the gap for a Jew like you when people want to just gas us all.  I will not ever stand with your treacherous politics.

So, it looks like a type of ‘inquisition’.  

We Jews “collectively” would not have this inquisitiveness if we had stuck with our own, lived peaceably, stayed out of politics and pushed Americanism.  I am sorry, but it is what it is.  If you don’t want the questioning, get out of the political kitchen.

The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

The Mad Jewess Interview On Youtube: Black On White Crime, #GeorgeZimmerman, Liberal “Jews”

Well, after 3 massive, major surgeries that tore right through my poor tummy and taking off 50 plus pounds (I still have 20 or so more to go) & after laying on my duff recovering, I finally decided to do an interview with a very nice young, Jewish lady who is 25 years old with her head on.  I was very nervous and fidgety, so, please excuse me.   We cover a few subjects, including Zimmerman, black on white crime, white flight, etc.

Please subscribe to my friend’s Youtube if you can:  the.truth.will.live

We will be doing many more Youtubes in the upcoming weeks, since I don’t feel so fat anymore  😀   Thanks. Shalom and God bless..


Fags/Feminists & Gays Turn On Jews At U.S. Universities, Join the #BDS (Kill Jews, Destroy Israel Club)

Fags/Feminists & Gays Turn On Jews At U.S. Universities, Join the #BDS (Kill Jews, Destroy Israel Club)

A couple of the movers and shakers of the insidious feminist movement of the decadent 1920’s were the hideous Lesbian lovers, Alice Toklas and Gertrude Stein.  Both ugly beasts were atheist Marxists but born of Jews.  Many Jewish Liberals have stupidly supported the feminist movement.  And now, the feminist movement has turned on Jews.. 


Alice and Gerty


Liberal Jews are for their own demise.  Never has there been such an insane group of absolute nut-jobs.   Left-wing Jews not only hate America, they hate Israel also.  In fact, the Jewish Liberals are haters of anything normal.  Whatever is pro-Torah, the Liberal Jew is against it.  For eg:  The Torah forbids militant homosexuality.  The Jewish Liberal is FOR militant homosexuality.   If the Torah said:  ‘Do not dye your hair green’, the Liberal Jew would buy every color green and dye their hair green. 

Dear Liberal Jews:  If you support evil, eventually that evil will turn on you. 

FAGS/Feminists & Lesbos Against Jews: DePaul University Moonbats Say Destroying Israel Is A “Feminist And Queer Issue”…

Look at the picture of these freaks.. One look at them and you know you’re on the right side, my friends..


It’s really something… Liberal Jews have also championed gay rights.. Now, the gays want to destroy Israel–the ONLY place that the Jews could live in if persecution got severe.  Muslims hang gays, the Liberal Jews chip in to have parades for them in Tel Aviv  (Much to the dismay of the religious, right wing in Israel).           It’s nuts..


Every morning, I thank HaShem that I am not a Liberal Jew.

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