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The Parable Of The Great & Terrible Bully Named Iown

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There was a land called Iown.  This land was powerful, large.  Iown had great resources…  

Gold, Silver, oil, precious metals, fabrics, scents.  Iown had fields of beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables–the best of the fruits in all 5 lands.   Iown had the best technicians in the world.  Iown possessed all of the great inventors.   Iown had the most beautiful homes, malls, businesses.    In essence, Iown “owned” everything.  Iown was blessed beyond imagination.  Iown was tens of thousands of times richer than the lands surrounding it.

To the the south of Iown, there was a small land called “Little”.   Little had fields of beautiful flowers.  Little’s flowers were sold to the large land, Iown and the 4 other lands.   Flowers from the land of Little were it’s only resource.    Some of the officials in Iown didn’t know where the beautiful flowers came from.  So, they inquired.  The King of Iown advised his officials that the flowers came from the land called “Little”.   So, the officials began to seek ways to ruin Little’s credibility.   They began to destroy the flowers from Little after the ships from Little came in, they did this deceitfully.    The officials then began to submit propaganda against Little, telling it’s citizens that the leader of Little was using chemicals on his flowers to make them look so bad.   Before the officials knew, all of the people of Iown began to scream and shout that the leader of Little was destroying all of his own flowers and he needed to be killed for this.  

Iown took all of it’s fleets, war planes and troops into Little.  They ravaged Little and Little’s people.  They killed as many Little’s as they could kill.  After the slaughter was over, the people from Iown then began to place their own officials to fertilize the newly acquired flowers and even live there.

Years went on.  The people of Iown loved their flowers and felt justified in taking them from Little and Little’s ‘evil’ leaders and people.  The people of Iown began to grow a little bored…

To the north of Iown was a really small Provence called “Tiny”.    Tiny was encapsulated on an island.  Tiny had a small population of Tiny’s.   Tiny’s leader was a strong man with a brave heart.  Tiny had it’s one resource:  A fine vegetable called Delish.   Tiny had a few ships that delivered Delish to the people of Iown.  Tiny’s leader was actually friends with the leader of Iown. 

As one of the ships from Tiny came in, friendly and ready to do business with the Iowners on the docks, one of the residents said:  ‘Your vegetable Delish is just wonderful.   How do you grow it?’   The Tiny citizen said:  “Oh, its our fields! They are rich in nutrient!”.     The Iowner began to wonder just why he could not grow the Delish fruit.   The citizen of Iown began to complain to the officials of Iown, demanding that the people of Iown get this vegetable, now.    The officials began to badger the leader of Iown about it.   Iown’s media began to build up negativity against Tiny, it’s leader and citizens.  The leader of Tiny was so depressed that this was happening. The leader of Tiny visited the leader of Iown and asked “Why are your citizens so angry with me over my Delish fruits?”.   The Leader of Iown said:  “You have something they don’t have and they are upset, “I have to please my people, so, let’s negotiate.”    The leader of Tiny said: “But, you have everything, why must you also have my Delish fruit?”   The leader of Iown turned his back on the leader of Tiny.  The leader of Tiny left very sad.  He felt betrayed.

The next day, all of the military of Iown arrived on the shores of Tiny.  They began bombing Tiny and sought the leader, to kill him.  The military of Iown had gleeful faces as they murdered the people of Tiny.  The leader of Tiny fought back with all of his might.  Then, the military of Iown shot tiny’s leader and left him naked in the streets near his home.

Time went on…

The other 2 countries that were left were called ‘Meager’ and ‘Small’.  They waged war against Iown when the Iowners came to steal their resources.  Word had come how brutal Iown had become.  It was better to fight Iown then end up living like slaves in submission to the bully, Iown.  Image result for so


What is the meaning of this?  America is ‘Iown.’  

How much longer will the Iowns keep destroying the smaller countries: the ‘Little’s’, the ‘Meagers’, The ‘Smalls’ and the ‘Tiny’s’?   And, how much longer, (if America refuses to stop this) will the Lord God almighty put up with it?

Rand Paul: “John McCain Supported #HILLARY’s War In Libya”

Rand Paul: “John McCain Supported #HILLARY’s War In Libya”

Let me remind you, though… Rand Paul thinks that the Russians are the instigators in Ukraine.  So, in my personal opinion, he is just another politician.  However, he is totally right about “Hillary’s war in Libya.”  Add Egypt to the mix.

AND, there was NO reason to go into these countries and topple their governments. (Egypt, Libya, Ukraine)  Yes, OUR government did that also–$$$$$$$$$$$


Ramifications Of Gaddafi’s Death: #ISIS Advances On Libyan Oil Fields & Seizes Control

Ramifications Of Gaddafi’s Death: #ISIS Advances On Libyan Oil Fields & Seize Control

I am no Gaddafi fan, but he would have never allowed this to happen to his country.  This brings us all back to square 1:  Why was Gaddafi removed and murdered?  Because Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers and the lot of them installed a murderous shadow government to steal Libyan wealth.  Which brought us Benghazi: Which has seen no justice. Which has brought us the ravaging of Libyan oil fields.


Isn’t it time for a strong 3rd party in the USSA?

Another related story, only in Iraq:  ISIS Set Iraqi Oil Fields On Fire, Stalls Military Advance


If OBAMA/HILLARY Hadn’t Demanded Gaddafi “Step Down” Would We See Commercial Planes Stolen In Libya? NO.

(Video above: Hillary Clinton was filled with glee as Gaddafi was a$$-raped and murdered.  Where is she to repent of her evil-doings?)

Today, we see commercial planes stolen by Islamic militant radicals.  Did we see this type of insanity when Gaddafi was alive?  NO.  The Middle Eastern countries have to have brutal leaders because of their ‘religion/cult.’  Obama, Powers and Hillary Clinton are the ones to blame for this current mess.  Period.  End of story.   Pictured: Libyan Islamist rebels pose with planes seized . (Daily Mail)..



The SNAFU in Ukraine is the fault of the EU & US Government, NOT Russia.   Libya, Egypt, Syria?  ALL the fault of the constant meddling of EU/US NATO.    Go ahead and bitch about these militants and ISIS, but it is OUR government that has caused this FUBAR.  And, when foreigners they look at our government, they look at us.  They do not look at D vs R.  They blame ALL of us.  Get it yet????

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Just Because Someone Is Liberal Does Not Make them Wrong On Foreign Issues, War & A Few Things


Let me make myself perfectly clear:  Liberals are dead wrong on every moral issue we face today.   They are wrong about homosexuality, illegals, abortion, marriage, taxes, size of government, the bogus ‘war on women’, the ‘tolerance’, the racial issues, etc.

However, there is a small percentage of Liberals that are anti-TSA, DHS, Patriot act, NDAA, NSA and privacy issues.  This same minority group within the Progressives (Communists) are also anti-war.   I am anti-war.  I was not ant war until about 7-8 years ago.  It started for me when GW Bush called the volunteer minute-men, (who were guarding our borders) ‘vigilantes.’  Don’t ask me why that turned me around, but it did. 

The reason I had a change in heart is because I was worried about America before any place in the world.  Yes, I am a supporter of the Israeli people (not their government because it is Socialist & weak) but, I am a supporter of their people.   But, Israel has not been #1 on my list of worries.  America has always been my biggest priority and it’s people.  I am, after all, American Indian as well as being a Jew.

Yes, I care about our people-here–in this nation…But, as I have become more anti-war.. I have seen the misery our government is causing people in the world.  Take Egypt for eg.  Egypt was fine before the Clinton cabal demanded Mubarak step down from his leadership.  Now, Egypt is a disaster zone, dead  Coptic Christians & humanists have had their lives snuffed out.  Ditto Libya.  Remember Hillary?  “We came, we saw, he died” about Gaddafi?  What right did she have to say such a horrible thing?  I am no fan of Gaddafi, but we are talking about a leader who was murdered after he was molested–an assassination that was aided by our government.  Then, it was on to Syria.  Clinton demanded Assad step down.  When he didn’t, Obama then sent aid to the Syrian Rebels.   Hundreds of thousands of people in Syria are dead because of these weapons.  Add Christians murdered, countless numbers.   If we only care about the people of our own country while not caring about the people of other countries, are we not a sick lot & a bad ally?

Now, it’s Ukraine.  I find the only people supporting our posts on Ukraine are Liberals.  Are they Libertarians?  I don’t know and don’t care.

All I DO know is that many GOPers and “Conservatives” believe that Russia is still Commie, which it is not. These folks are stuck in the 1985 cold war mentality–so, they take the side of the Ukrainian Nazis without knowing what they are supporting because they do not research.     So, I find that the Liberals are the only people who seem to give a damn that there is a genocide going on in Ukraine.  P eople are dying.. Brutally murdered in an Orthodox Christian country.   They are being murdered by NAZI’s/fascists who were placed into power courtesy of Europe and the US Govt. 

I have provided ALL of the evidence regarding Ukraine – yet the holier than thou, “Conservative” clan of crazies act like we’re lying here or just ‘pro Russians.’   

I was anti-war regarding Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine, but that makes me an RT Russian robot…?   Go figure.   As long as the Liberals (or whatever they are) stay anti-war, I am with that faction of their group.  The USA needs to be more isolationist right now.   After 60 plus years of intervening in every mess in the planet, even fomenting revolutions, globally.  It is time to stop this insanity.

“No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. ” -James Madison

“Governments constantly choose between telling lies and fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. One will always lead to the other.” -Thomas Jefferson

“I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind.” -Thomas Jefferson

“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” -George Washington

“People do not make wars; governments do.” -Ronald Reagan


 Tired of big government? Then, fight the war machine & unify with sane Liberals.