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Ramifications Of Gaddafi’s Death: #ISIS Advances On Libyan Oil Fields & Seizes Control

Ramifications Of Gaddafi’s Death: #ISIS Advances On Libyan Oil Fields & Seize Control

I am no Gaddafi fan, but he would have never allowed this to happen to his country.  This brings us all back to square 1:  Why was Gaddafi removed and murdered?  Because Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers and the lot of them installed a murderous shadow government to steal Libyan wealth.  Which brought us Benghazi: Which has seen no justice. Which has brought us the ravaging of Libyan oil fields.


Isn’t it time for a strong 3rd party in the USSA?

Another related story, only in Iraq:  ISIS Set Iraqi Oil Fields On Fire, Stalls Military Advance


If OBAMA/HILLARY Hadn’t Demanded Gaddafi “Step Down” Would We See Commercial Planes Stolen In Libya? NO.

(Video above: Hillary Clinton was filled with glee as Gaddafi was a$$-raped and murdered.  Where is she to repent of her evil-doings?)

Today, we see commercial planes stolen by Islamic militant radicals.  Did we see this type of insanity when Gaddafi was alive?  NO.  The Middle Eastern countries have to have brutal leaders because of their ‘religion/cult.’  Obama, Powers and Hillary Clinton are the ones to blame for this current mess.  Period.  End of story.   Pictured: Libyan Islamist rebels pose with planes seized . (Daily Mail)..



The SNAFU in Ukraine is the fault of the EU & US Government, NOT Russia.   Libya, Egypt, Syria?  ALL the fault of the constant meddling of EU/US NATO.    Go ahead and bitch about these militants and ISIS, but it is OUR government that has caused this FUBAR.  And, when foreigners they look at our government, they look at us.  They do not look at D vs R.  They blame ALL of us.  Get it yet????

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