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American Leftists & MANY Conservatives Were FOR The Nazi’s In Ukraine But Against Nazi’s In Charlottesville?

American Leftists & MANY Conservatives Were FOR The Nazi’s In Ukraine But Against Nazi’s In Charlottesville

This is not a Nazi from the infamous Ukrainian Svoboda Party with John McCain in Ukraine.. Don’t believe your lyin eyes:

I made this gif in 2014. It is now being tweeted all over Twitter today. STILL, I am ignored and SICK of it.

[I made this gif above in 2014.  It is now being tweeted all over Twitter today. STILL, I am ignored and SICK of it…YOU CONSERVATIVES: STOP STEALING MY RESEARCH AND THEN IGNORING ME.]

I covered the Soros lead Nazi Coup in Ukraine from November 2013-late 2016.  See here..   And Here, on my old blog.  There were a FEW of us who blogged about this coup in Ukraine. A small handful.

 It seems that the Left and many Conservatives want to condemn the supposed “Nazi’s” in Charlottesville, VA last wknd,  but they don’t want to condemn the US Govt regime-change, fascist, Nazi coup in Ukraine.  In fact, most “Conservatives” like Drudge (Drudge on Ukraine)Gateway Pundit: (See here, G.P., they didn’t know ANYTHING about how Nazis have ALWAYS been in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of them) and more were just fine with the Nazis in Ukraine..  

That’s because, in the beginning of the SNAFU in Ukraine, they didn’t know what was happening and were not educated in the least regarding Eastern Europe and the problems there. I AM.  I have several friends from Kiev that helped me with the US lead Ukrainian FUBAR through facebook and emails during the coup and bloody war there.

This video made about the ‘stadiums of hate’ was made in 2012–2 years before the Ukrainian Nazi coup: BBC One – Panorama, Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate.  This shows 100% proof that Ukraine has been filled with Nazis for YEARS and still our government fomented a fake revolution against Kiev, installing a drunk fascist named Poroshenko.   There ARE MANY Nazi’s in Ukraine and they have always been a problem there.  

Here is John McCain & Sen Chris Murphy in Kiev, Ukraine in December 2013:

Lee Stranahan was one of the Conservative people on Twitter who rebuked me a couple of years ago when I was telling the truth about the coup in Ukraine in 2014.   Mr. Stranahan is awake now, so there is hope for the blind:

Now, I do admire Mr. Lee Stranahan but I am a little sick and damned tired of being ignored when I break so many stories and research valid issues regarding foreign affairs.  QV (the moderator here) along with me.

Stranahan says that he ‘just’ ‘dropped this story‘ regarding the “CIA AND UKRAINE”.  Wrong.   I ‘dropped this story‘ years ago and I was called  a “Moscow Troll” by ‘American Conservatives’….. INCLUDING Stranahan who challenged me for standing by Putin & Russia over the Nazis in Ukraine.

Now, to the gist…

The Conservatives and Communists are quick to admonish the supposed Nazis in Charlottesville, VA this last weekend… They are NOT too quick to rebuke the Nazi coup lead by the US govt against Ukraine in 2014.  Neither of these type folks can be trusted because of their blatant hypocrisy.

Hat tip to KIMCHEE on Gab.

@realDonaldTrump #Russia Didn’t “Destabilize Ukraine”. You’re Mistaking Putin For @SenJohnMcCain

@realDonaldTrump #Russia Didn’t “Destabilize Ukraine”.  You’re Mistaking Putin For @SenJohnMcCain

Click to read what Trump said on the Guardian. 

"Why is the USA supporting Nazis in Ukraine? Why was John McCain photo’d with the Svoboda party Nazi?":


In October, 2013, before the fraudulent Ukrainian revolution, lead by John McCain of Arizona, Chris Murphy of Connecticut and George Soros…Viktor Yanukovych was the rightfully elected leader of Ukraine.  Yanukovych may not have been ‘in Putin’s pocket‘ but he was willing to work with the Russians.


In November, 2013, NGO’s:  (DEFINITION OF NGOS) went in to Ukraine and began to destabilize Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.  John McCain, Chris Murphy and other reps from the United States government met the NGO’s in Kiev and gave a speech.  Here is that speech:  On youtube.

John McCain claimed that this was a ‘peaceful protest’.  It was not peaceful at all, it was violent.  A coup took place against the semi, pro-Russian, President, Viktor Yanukovych in Spring, 2014.   Priests came out to defend the Kiev Police from the western lead rioters:

Image result for priests in ukraine

Image result for priests in ukraine


Image result for priests in ukraine

The NGO groups, paid for by the United States government and Soros burned and bombed Kiev:

Image result for violent riots in kiev

Image result for violent riots in kiev

After the western lead coup took place in Kiev, Nazi’s took over the streets:

After Yanukovych was thwarted out of his office in Spring 2014, George Soros’ emails were hacked showing that he was the actual ‘puppet master‘ of the Ukrainian destabilization:  ‘Self-appointed advocate of new Ukraine’: Soros emails leaked.

The Head of State Security of Ukraine admitted that only “56 Russian Citizens Fought In Ukraine”, proving that it was never Russia destabilizing Ukraine: 

All of the above is 100% factual and a testimony of events that took place in Ukraine, 2013-2015.  

President Trump is blaming Russia and President Putin for what OUR government did to Ukraine.   The question is:  Is Pres. Trump just trying to ‘save face’ in front of our lying media?  Or is Pres Trump part of the United States military industrial complex, the true guilty party of worldwide destabilization?  Or, is he just continuing former Pres’ policies because that is what incoming Pres’ usually do…Inquiring minds want to know.

#Ukraine Chief Staff: “No Russian Troops In #Donetsk” (Western Media LIES, Daily)

#Ukraine Chief Staff: “No Russian Troops In Donetsk” (Western Media LIES, Daily)


Obama, McCain, EU and the rest of the war-mongering lunatics are chomping at the bit to send YOUR sons over to Ukraine to die for the NAZI cause.  I have been hearing non-stop ‘reports’ about how Russia has invaded Ukraine—again.. For the what? 10th-12th time?

The Western bullshit artists lie every day claiming that Russia has invaded Ukraine but cannot confirm it: US Unable to Confirm Recent Reports of Russian Troops in Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 29 (Sputnik) — The chief of Ukraine’s General Military Staff Viktor Muzhenko acknowledged that Russian regular army units were not involved in combat action in the troubled Donetsk and Luhansk regions.  The whole story:  Click

Liars, animals, lunatics, nuts & crazies run the show in the west..

@SenJohnMcCain “Booed” (Loudly), Called Coward &Traitor In AZ-He IS A TRAITOR & NAZI

@SenJohnMcCain “Booed” (Loudly), Called Coward &Traitor In AZ He IS A TRAITOR & NAZI

McCain stacked the balcony full of supporters of his, making it appear as if he had more support from the crowd than he really did. The body of voting members were overwhelmingly booing and shouting at him. Respect is earned and so is disrespect. McCain has only earned the latter.

McCain is one of the most evil politicians alive. STOP making excuses for this drek saying ‘he is just old and confused.’     He is NOT old and confused.  He is EVIL.



#Soros & @SenJohnMcCain Have Moved On To Destroy #Hungary, Just Like #UKRAINE

#Soros & @SenJohnMcCain Have Moved On To Destroy #Hungary, Just Like Ukraine  (Video above is Ramz Paul regarding Hungary)

Any time you see the media use the word ‘Democracy’, they mean destroy.

They are using ‘internet tax ‘ in Hungary to gain world sympathy for another Ukrainian style, phoney revolt:  Around 100000 Hungarians rally for democracy as internet tax hits (Hungarian site) .   Next thing we know, the main stream media will be demanding that Orban is a tyrant.  Already starting with “Anti Orban” garbage: Hungary Internet-Tax Protest Swells Into ‘Anti-Orban‘ Demo (Foolberg)..

“Anti-Orban”…     Soon we will hear from Ann Barnhardt and a few others that Putin is the madman that is prompting this.  Its not Putin.  Its McCain, Soros, Obama and the NGO who want to expand NATO.  Want proof?  Here:  So, let’s see what McCain himself had to say about his time in Budapest.   (January 2014, John McCains website)

Here is the #1 kicker:  US might use diplomatic pressure to block South Stream pipeline in Hungary  (Meaning, cut off Russia) ie. Budapest Beacon online

I wrote about it in Feb:  Click to read the post.  I told ya all first. (the Mad Jewess WordPress) 

This also:  State Dept, Dr. Tillemann to advise Hungarians of the NGO sector. (The Mad Jewess WordPress)

The NGO cabal of crazy is setting up Hungary to be destroyed like Ukraine:  Google search the Hungarian news the last few days.


Who wants WW3 and this is proof:   Here is the #1 kicker:  US might use diplomatic pressure to block South Stream pipeline in Hungary  (Meaning, cut off Russia) ie. Budapest Beacon online