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Multi-Cultural Nursing Homes Are Being Prepared For The Marxist Hippies. Paybacks A B’tch!

Multi-Cultural Nursing Homes Are Being Prepared For The Marxist Hippies. Paybacks A B’tch!


Today, I saw some olddddd hippies at the market.  They couldn’t even walk.  I started thinking to myself… These old bastards will be in nursing homes soon, with the third world culture that they brought in, and demanded were our equal–are now waiting to serve them as care givers, nurses and doctors.  

I hope they enjoy their final years, entertained by Mariachi players, Rap ‘singers’ rapping, while the elder hippies are crapping in their wheelchairs complaining about ho’s and bitches.    No one is going to play The Mamas and the Papas for you, because today’s third worlders not only don’t know who they were — but couldn’t care less.

I decided to write this post because while singing for the elderly, many who WWII veterans & elders, at a top place in Scottsdale:  We see they can NOT relate to the foreign, Jamaican blacks, Hispanics and Muslims offering them….uh, ‘care’.   One woman took my hand, thinking I was staff, rather than any one of the four minority care givers, standing there, who couldn’t be bothered to help her out.

You created this hell and now you are going to experience the third world that you created.

Ya’all rest easy in your nursing home future…     

Multi-Culture Vultures Want MORE Illegals Despite Muslim Maniacs Who Burn Paris Down

Multi-Culture Vultures Want MORE Illegals In Despite Muslim Maniacs Who Burn Paris Down

In the video above is a French fashion show from the late 50’s.. Why would ANY French person crave this, below:

Photo of the Muslim immigrants burning Paris, France:


Why don’t the multi-culture vultures pass these type laws in the Arab lands?  The African lands? The Latino lands?  The Asian lands?  Why do they do this in EU and America only?  Why?  Rep Brooks is right that there is a left-wing war on whites in every white country—even Ukraine and E. EU now.

The French government has introduced a new bill which allows foreigners to stay in France on visa for a much longer time.  (In other words, stay in FR illegally with NO problem)

Joy unspeakable in France for the last 10 years..




Why do ‘educated’ French leftists live for this sh’t??!!  France was so pretty at one time…

Vintage paris

Leftists are nuts no matter where they are.