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WHY Is The West Being CURSED With Millions Of Muslims?

WHY Is The West Being CURSED With Millions Of Muslims?

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For every action, there is a reaction.  Nature has a law of cause and effect.  The old “Karma” comes to mind as well.  “What ya put down, ya pick up”,  “That which a man sows, he will also reap, in due time”.     Many wise men have warned us of consequences throughout the ages.  Still, we humans do not listen.  We repeat offenses more than we move forward.  We turn to hate when we are asked to love. 

Today, I was reading Paul Joseph Watson’s page on Facebook and he linked this article:  At Breitbarts about McMaster’s being hostile to Trump and also to Israel.

Here are some comments  on Paul Joseph Watsons public Facebook page:

G********* Fuck israel all up in its busted spoke ass …..its a toilet and needs nuked off the planet and fuck all the Muslim sand fleas …..turn out the lights so i can get to killin already

B********** The part about being hostile to Israel doesn’t sound too bad.

C******** Reagan should have turned Tel Aviv, and every military base in Israel, including the nuclear facility at Dimona, into rubble in the aftermath. He was a cuck, though, with ZOG surrounding him, and had the general Jew lobby around. If he wasn’t a cuck, he should have picked up the phone, ordered every possible asset in the region to beat Israel like a step child, picked up the Moscow line and informed them that they’re going to see some extraordinary military activity in the eastern Mediterranean, and not to panic because it isn’t directed at the Soviets, but he’s taking the Israelis to the woodshed to administer a beating with a rubber hose, while screaming you don’t kill my peacekeepers, with every lashing

N*********** I’m also a Holocaust denier, Melissa Wilson. It is a Jewish fairy tale.

Ș********** Paul Joseph Watson also a lot of european nationalists are hostile to israel and that neoliberal called….trump another zionist puppet pushed in front to lie the people


There are many comments like this on Watson’s page. Now-to the gist:

The Calling of Abram, the descendants of the Jewish people,  Genesis 12, 2 & 3

…And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing;And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse.

Isaiah 40:8

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”

We have a choice to be blessed.  However: We have chosen to be cursed here in the west with hatred of Israel and their Jews.  Most/many of whom are religious and try their best to love God.

True, Israel has a messed up government that a majority of the people of Israel abhor because it is Socialistic/Communist in nature & tolerates Muslim attacks upon Israeli’s.  True, there are terrible, Communist Jews in Israel.  But, they are not the majority in Israel.

Still, there are endless, murderous propaganda videos on Youtube against Jews in Israel.  Most put out by White Nazi’s, Muslims and Black militants.  Unfortunately, propaganda spreads like a wildfire and now we have humans who make light of the Shoah.  They laugh at the deaths of millions of Jews, Christians, etc who perished at the hands of the Nazis, who our Grandfather’s fought.  (Supporting Hitlerian politics, to me is blasphemous, my Grandfather’s fought them!!!!)

The aforementioned has resulted in a cursing from the Almighty: The gangs of mongrel hordes of Muslims who are invading the west.  The enemy OF the Jews has now become a curse in our own land.  It is a curse in Europe.  Still, the EU’s curse Israel and then receive more Jihad & more Islamics.  Inadvertently, they have aligned with the Muslims who they profess to hate because of their hatred of Israeli Jews.

This is not a question of putting “America first” or putting “EU first”.  This is just a statement:  just STOP CURSING THE ISRAELI’s.  

OR:  Don’t stop.  And, let’s just commit suicide like the EU’s.  

It’s up to you.   I try to advise people to find a group of Israeli’s that you like, support them with your mouths and stop cursing these people with your mouth.  That’s not a lot to ask.  If USA keeps cursing Israel, we will continue to reap the whirlwind of Islamic hordes.

It’s YOUR choice.  I am not going to curse the Israeli people.  I may not care for their Leftist government and I say so.  But I am NOT going to curse these people, God willing.   God’s curse is upon those that are cursing the Israeli common Jews.  It is what it is.  If you just curse the Israeli’s, stay away from me. I don’t want your bad fortune.

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It’s not a question of ‘loving the Jews’.

It is a question of obeying God.

Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans: KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT. White Civilization NOW

Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans:  KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT.  White Civilization NOW


I am calling on all of the untermenschen to kill themselves.  



Why hide the fact that only minorities of the minorities are sane?  Most blacks, Jews, Muslims and Mexicans are die hard Communist/Socialist leeches.  With the exception of the leftist Jews who use other minorities to help with the anti-American, Communist agenda–the rest of the minorities are just parasites, a cancer, depraved, disgusting, have & no respect for polite society & sane civilization.  

It’s time to undo “give us your tired & your poor”

Jews, Blacks, Muslims (especially) and Mexicans:  Deport yourselves, have more abortions, stop eating, go on a fast, kill your kids, kill your wives, kill your husbands, burn your house down, I don’t care.  Just do it.  We need your help.  We need a better society and you may as well all just DIE QUICKLY.

Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

If it’s ok for a magazine to write this here in: Medusa Magazine, then my post is AOK in a ‘free’ world.  Lets rock in the free world without minority pigs! YEAH!! WHITE ONLY NOW.

If it is not ok to say this about minorities, it should not be ok to say it about whites: Barely 10% of the WORLD population.

Chanson No More: Marine LePen Loses French Election.

Chanson No More: Marine LePen Loses French Election.



DEATH OF FRANCE :   Emmanuel Macron has won the French election.  Macron supports the open-door policy toward immigrants and refugees pursued by Angela Merkel in Germany and promotes ‘tolerance’ towards immigrants and Muslims.



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Chanson D’Amour” (“Love Song”) is a popular French love song written by Wayne Shanklin in 1958.

At any rate:  

There will be no more love songs in France:  Marine LePen lost the French election.  Muslims have already started their conquest of France.  Unfortunately, there are too many French Commies who hate “Gay Paree“, literally…  I feel sad for the French.  At least for the ones who are patriotic.  It baffles me how Europe is giving over to the Communist, Islamic reconquista.

People will no more visit France for it’s persuasion of love. No.  They will stay away from France in the future because of Islamic hatred against humans..  Sadly, France will probably submit to Sharia Law at some point.  Instead of love-making, there will be rape.  Instead of flowers, there will be fire. Instead of food, there will be starvation. Instead of music, there will be the “Azaan” heard across the land at the break of dawn.   This is the future of France:    Click to watch, it won’t embed correctly.

No more Chason D’Amour….  SO SAD!!!

THIS Is What #GunControl Looks Like In #Germany Where Guns Are Not Even Allowed:

THIS Is What #GunControl Looks Like In #Germany Where Guns Are Not Even Allowed: (This happened NYears Eve in Germany)

We can all see how gun control would look like for us here in the states if Obama the insane has his way.  I hope you all love your left-wing Marxist ‘utopia’ in Europe.  

Thank you, NO.

And, this is the bitch that Hillary Clinton wants to emulate: Angela Merkel: “We Must Accept Migrants Are More Criminal” – Used New Year Message for Country to Embrace Millions of “Newcomers”  At Geller’s 


Video: Take A GOOD Look At The MISERY Leftists Have Caused The Whole Western World

Take A GOOD Look At The MISERY Leftists Have Caused The Whole Western World

See that video.. Unbelievable.  

Sorry, folks, I do not blame Muslims for the influx and amnesty insanity.  I blame Leftists. I blame the pseudo-cons like Rubio, GWB, Christie and the like.  They opened the doors wide for millions of Mexicans, tens of thousands of Muslims.  The politics of regime change have brought us ‘refugees’ from Syria, Libya, Egypt and more.  It’s not Muslims that is the problem, it is


Anywhere you look in America, EU, Eastern EU and Israel, you will see the treacherous footsteps of the vile Liberal slime.  You see a riot at a mall? It’s the Liberals fault.  You see Muslims acting insane? It’s the Liberals fault.  You see militant homosexuals having New Yorkers fined for mistaking their identity, its the Liberals fault.  You see 55 million abortions? It’s the Liberals fault.  They are the root to every damned problem we face.