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John McCain Is Probably Plotting The Overthrow Of The Montenegro Govt Like He Did In #Ukraine

John McCain Is  Probably Plotting The Overthrow Of The Montenegro Govt Like He Did In #Ukraine

I will lay this out in simple facts:  John McCain & NATO along with Soros have been plotting the overthrow of the government in Montenegro.  Why?  Montenegro may ratify a treaty with NATO or not…  The current government may not want to join NATO.   If they do not join–NATO, Soros and McCain will overthrow that government and then blame Russia.   This is where all of the phony, Russian propaganda originated, in fact.

HOW is it Russia’s fault if a neighboring state does not want to join NATO?  One thing is for sure:  If a country does not want to join NATO, McCain & co. destroy that nation.

Here is McCain in Feb 2017 with Montenegro’s PM:


As well as this:  Montenegro Is ‘Protesting’ Against It’s Govt. Yep, @SenJohnMcCain Was There Pushing #NATO

Anytime you see a protest like this, Soros is involved with “NGO’s”:

  1. Montenegro police throw tear gas on protest Associated Press
  2. Montenegro police tear gas opposition protesters AFP
  3. Protesters and police in violent clashes in Montenegro AFP
  4. Montenegro police break up anti-government protest Associated Press
  5. Montenegrin police fire teargas to disperse opposition Reuters

You see all of the above links?  With protests?  This is exactly the same thing McCain did to Ukraine with the help of Soros.

 Here is John McCain in Ukraine 2013 with Sen Chris Murphy.  They are in Kiev, Ukraine, fomenting revolution:

The government that was installed by McCain, NATO and Soros – are fascistic in nature and many are Nazis:

Image result for john Mccain, nazis

You need to understand that there is no “Russian threat” to America.  

There is a threat, however:  it is our military industrial complex.   Rand Paul stands against McCain and his war mongering.   Which is why McCain calls Rand Paul a “Russian agent”.    Rand Paul should be calling McCain out on his Eastern EU mess &  his support of Nazi’s & fascists in Kiev.  

People…you need to start connecting the dots.  ANY place McCain has visited with the leaders, that same country is screwed up now, broke and in perpetual war.  Start using your brains for cryingoutloud.

#Macedonia In Same Type Coup d’etat Scenario As #Ukraine? #VictoriaNuland (F’ck the EU) Is Involved

#Macedonia In Same type Coup d’etat Scenario As #Ukraine? #VictoriaNuland (F’ck the EU) Is Involved


Victoria Nuland with Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski

#1.   3 months ago, Victoria Nuland was pushing Macedonia to join NATO:  Nuland: To find solution that will provide Macedonia possibility to join NATO and the EU (Post from Macedonia News source)

#2.   Excerpt from Macedonian News source, below:  (SDSM is supposedly a terrorist group from Kosovo.. And who would arm these Kosavar terrorists?  Ask Bill Clinton – after all, he bombed the Serbians for 70 plus days in the late 90’s)

That step of Victoria Nuland with complete denial of SDSM in general, and the situation that SDSM is trying to show before the international community clearly indicates completely wrong policies of SDSM. U.S. open stands behind policies that bring prosperity to the state, not behind policies that mean nothing but harm for their own country at the expense of personal gain.

Nuland’s messages that should be understood (Less than a year ago, this was posted from Macedonia)

ALSO:  Nuland: Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Macedonia are priority for U.S.U.S. Senate calls for Macedonia and Montenegro accession in NATONuland: The name dispute depends only on Macedonia and Greece

#3.   Victoria Nuland visits Macedonia (Less than a year ago)

Ukrainians believe that the US Govt is staging a coup in Macedonia:  Is Victoria Nuland attempting another coup in Macedonia? Hat tips: Sasha on Twitter

Der Spiegel says that Victoria Nuland is Obama’s ‘riot diplomat’.  In English:  Click here.


The EU/US lead takeover of Macedonia has been in the works for over a year.  Proof is above.  Of course, many idiot American people will blame all of this on Putin & Russia because they are like sheep lead to the slaughter by the lying Main Stream Media.    Start looking for the subliminal messages from CNN, MSN, FOX, ABC, et al for the usual tag line:  “The Macedonian PM is a tyrant.”     The American government has to invent phoney tyrants to thrust through the elite war for oil and resources to make the pockets of John McCain, Nuland, Murphy, Graham, Nuland, Soros…fat.