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VIDEO: The Mad Jewess Addresses The Nazi’s On Gab

Hello everyone! Hope ya had a GREAT Holiday!  I show you my presents on this video a few other things and talk about the NQ: Nazi Question.

Long time no see.  I am addressing the few Nazi’s on Gab in this video.. I had a fun time doing so 🙂


Especially published for the “Daily Stormers” who are happy about the Goy taking over Al Frankenstein’s seat;  ( I am happy about that also)

Female Goy to Takeover Al Franken’s Seat in the Senate

American Leftists & MANY Conservatives Were FOR The Nazi’s In Ukraine But Against Nazi’s In Charlottesville?

American Leftists & MANY Conservatives Were FOR The Nazi’s In Ukraine But Against Nazi’s In Charlottesville

This is not a Nazi from the infamous Ukrainian Svoboda Party with John McCain in Ukraine.. Don’t believe your lyin eyes:

I made this gif in 2014. It is now being tweeted all over Twitter today. STILL, I am ignored and SICK of it.

[I made this gif above in 2014.  It is now being tweeted all over Twitter today. STILL, I am ignored and SICK of it…YOU CONSERVATIVES: STOP STEALING MY RESEARCH AND THEN IGNORING ME.]

I covered the Soros lead Nazi Coup in Ukraine from November 2013-late 2016.  See here..   And Here, on my old blog.  There were a FEW of us who blogged about this coup in Ukraine. A small handful.

 It seems that the Left and many Conservatives want to condemn the supposed “Nazi’s” in Charlottesville, VA last wknd,  but they don’t want to condemn the US Govt regime-change, fascist, Nazi coup in Ukraine.  In fact, most “Conservatives” like Drudge (Drudge on Ukraine)Gateway Pundit: (See here, G.P., they didn’t know ANYTHING about how Nazis have ALWAYS been in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of them) and more were just fine with the Nazis in Ukraine..  

That’s because, in the beginning of the SNAFU in Ukraine, they didn’t know what was happening and were not educated in the least regarding Eastern Europe and the problems there. I AM.  I have several friends from Kiev that helped me with the US lead Ukrainian FUBAR through facebook and emails during the coup and bloody war there.

This video made about the ‘stadiums of hate’ was made in 2012–2 years before the Ukrainian Nazi coup: BBC One – Panorama, Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate.  This shows 100% proof that Ukraine has been filled with Nazis for YEARS and still our government fomented a fake revolution against Kiev, installing a drunk fascist named Poroshenko.   There ARE MANY Nazi’s in Ukraine and they have always been a problem there.  

Here is John McCain & Sen Chris Murphy in Kiev, Ukraine in December 2013:

Lee Stranahan was one of the Conservative people on Twitter who rebuked me a couple of years ago when I was telling the truth about the coup in Ukraine in 2014.   Mr. Stranahan is awake now, so there is hope for the blind:

Now, I do admire Mr. Lee Stranahan but I am a little sick and damned tired of being ignored when I break so many stories and research valid issues regarding foreign affairs.  QV (the moderator here) along with me.

Stranahan says that he ‘just’ ‘dropped this story‘ regarding the “CIA AND UKRAINE”.  Wrong.   I ‘dropped this story‘ years ago and I was called  a “Moscow Troll” by ‘American Conservatives’….. INCLUDING Stranahan who challenged me for standing by Putin & Russia over the Nazis in Ukraine.

Now, to the gist…

The Conservatives and Communists are quick to admonish the supposed Nazis in Charlottesville, VA this last weekend… They are NOT too quick to rebuke the Nazi coup lead by the US govt against Ukraine in 2014.  Neither of these type folks can be trusted because of their blatant hypocrisy.

Hat tip to KIMCHEE on Gab.

When Whites Protest: They’re “Racist”, “Nazis”, Etc. When Blacks Riot, Loot, Murder & Rape, It’s “Justice”

When Whites Protest: They’re “Racist”, “Nazis”, Etc. When Blacks Riot, Loot, Murder & Rape, It’s “Justice”


Image result for ferguson riots

Image result for ferguson riots


White men and a few women decided to protest against the replacement of white people in Charlottesville, VA.  They have a right to protest, guaranteed by the US Constitution.  Like it or not, it is a guarantee.   The blacks acted like violent, savage, mongrel, hordes in Ferguson a couple of years back when they ‘protested’.  The Communist left told people that “BlackLivesMatter” were ‘peaceful’, which was a lie.  When white people protest against their own replacement, the left goes insane.  When blacks protest because one of their rotten, pot-smoking, criminal homeboys gets killed by a cop for trying to murder a policeman, that is OK.

The double standard must end.. But, we have a President who does not stand against this double standard:   POTUS TRUMP Condemns the ‘Racism’  in Charlottesville

Read the tweets below & understand why many whites have had enough.  Enough of the demonization of white people. The white-hating bigotry, whites being turned down for countless jobs because of “EOE”. White neighborhoods having their blocks busted up,  ETC.  If this same type of behavior was happening against blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Asians, etc…It would be an OUTRAGE.

“White Lives Matter” chanted in this video below:  (Why the hell shouldn’t white lives matter as much as anyone else?)


No, I do NOT stand with Nazis, David Duke and his ilk.  I do however stand with white people and patriotic folks who have had enough of the Communist, treacherous, white hating bullshit. 100%.  If I lived in VA & could have gotten there, I would have been there, protesting with the sane ones.

Hey Mad Jewess! Hitler Was Right! Gas you Kikes! There Was NO Holocaust!

Hey Mad Jewess! Hitler Was Right! Gas you Kikes! There Was NO Holocaust!

Imagine saying:  There was no Holocaust and Hitler was right in the same sentence..

Image result for lol animated

I get these idiot comments on Gab almost every morning, ditto Twitter before my suspension.  Seriously, I sit in my cyber, senior, rocking chair, drinking my Prescott moonshine and cackle like an old coot.   The irony of the whole statement is absurd to begin with. “there was no Holocaust, but-gas the kikes“.   Alas, this is the sheer stupidity I have to bear with.  I am 52 years old.  Most of the low class Neo-Nazis are between 14-35.  KIDS.  Ditto SJW Liberal morons.  I am old enough to be their Mother or Grandmother.

Now, to the gist:  

So- There are 2 unhinged groups in USSA today:  Liberals who call people Nazi’s just because they are patriotic.  Nazis who call everyone a Jew who doesn’t agree with them that the Jewish “ZOG” is taking over the world.   Sure, there are Nazi’s in the right-wing and also the left-wing in American politics.  And, yes there are most definitely Commie/Liberal “Jews” that are big-mouthed lunatics and traitors for thrusting left-wing politics on our historically right wing, Christian country.  

I am Native American, Austrian, Sephardic/Portuguese & Scot, and:  

NONE of my family lived in Germany or Poland.  NONE of my family went through the Holocaust.  I have not even written on the subject but one time in 10 years of blogging.   It’s not that I don’t sympathize with Jews or Christians whose family experienced it. But, it is not ‘personal’ to me and I don’t pretend it is like some do.

  My husband’s family were religious Jews who were Russian patriots.  

They came here and completely assimilated and were Conservative, American patriots.   My husband’s father served in WW2, (although not in combat).    David’s parents escaped the Bolshevik revolution:  July, 1917.    Communism is our enemy in America.   Communism was my husband’s family’s enemy.    While Neo-Nazi’s are a disgrace to the white race, I don’t pay them that much attention to them because they are not taking over the government & I’ve hardly posted about them in 10 years..    I do look at Neo-Nazi’s the same way I look at Liberals:  They are both a pack of spoiled, rotten, white-trash brats who, when they don’t get their way:   Name-call and act like jackasses.

At any rate:

This is how most people see both groups:

An art collage from April 2016


You’re wasting your time bugging me.

.If #Trump Loses Blame White Nationalist Subversives:

.If #Trump Loses Blame White Nationalist Subversives:

(The movie above was directed by Loren Feldman who is bearing the brunt of these idiot subversives, below)


It’s not the JEWS out there destroying Trump, its White Nationalists.  With their subtle memes to get Trump’s attention.  Older people are not wiz at Twitter and the left uses all of your idiocy  – you stupid ass morons.

These same idiots who will turn and blame the Jews for the potential loss.  If these jackasses are not out there tweeting memes to get Trumps to Retweet them:  Like this.   They’re out there dumping on older Jewish and Christian patriotic directors and movie-makers for NO reason at all.   You idiot White Nationalists the ones who are the brick and mortar for the left.

  See what you damned fools are creating–you’re giving the left their ammunition:

*Dana Schwartz Writes Letter On Anti-Semitism To Trump’s Son-In-Law – [Yesterday] 

*Trump’s Anti-Semitic Hillary Meme Was Created By White Supremacists [3 days ago]

*Trump Tweets: A History Of Gaffes From Wife Comparisons To The 6-Point Star [Yesterday]

*Trump Uncorks A Genie Of Anti-Semitic Hate And Harassment Online [March]

*Trevor Noah: Donald Trump AntiSemitic “Dog Whistle” Tweet Heard …
[37 minutes ago]

*Donald Trump’s Love Affair With White Supremacists [A few mins ago]


My friend Loren Feldman, who is very patriotic & directed Silenced. Who is also a bearing the brunt of these asinine attacks:   Silenced” Our War On Free Speech. Directed by Loren Feldman Produced by Mike Cernovich. Associate Producers AJ Fouladpour | Christopher Deoudes

He says:






You idiot, White ‘Nationalists’ (you’re not nationalist by the way, you’re traitors)  are destroying a true movement of people trying to break free from this PC insanity.    You will have NO ONE to blame but yourselves if Trump loses.  

You are attacking movie producers, directors, big conservative, right-wing money-makers working on the side of patriotism.  

You’re filthy, rotten, no good traitors. Period.

 You’re out there picking fights with good Christians and Jews. 


Here is my partial list of some of these attack monger morons:   Menstruating Females: 

Take a look at this moron’s Twitter page for eg: