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.Pack Of Black Males Beat White Man Almost To Death


Let’s just keep pretending this is not happening.  Just as we pretended the Holodomor and the Holocaust wasn’t happening.  Communist, Liberal main stream filth go to great lengths to hide these crimes against whites perp’d at the hands of black males–just like the Communists and Nazis did.

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#WarOnWomen, “Feminist” Hypocrite Judith Levine Wants Young, Black Rapists To Walk Scot Free

#WarOnWomen, “Feminist” Hypocrite Judith Levine Wants Black Male Rapists To Walk Scot Free

Is there any question as to why this spinster is a feminist?  Look at this mug…

This is a ‘feminist’ who puts blacks first..because it’s OK if a black man rapes a woman. 


Regardless of color.. Rapists and sex-offenders should be held accountable, expeditiously.. However, left-wingers are not for equality and are bigoted against whites on behalf of blacks in the crime dept.. Case in point: Remember the Duke Univ outrage?  Imagine if these 7 young men were white?  Are you kidding!!!     This bitch-hag wants these strapping, young, feral, black males to just walk scot free from their assaults… Then, Levine has the audacity to call herself a ‘feminist.’   The far left went on and on through 2013-2014 ranting about how Conservatives had a ‘war on women.’   What a laugh.. Look at this sow.. And, is she ever hideous.  Levine claims:

If it’s true that all seven of the football players arrested for hazing in the Sayreville, New Jersey, War Memorial High School locker room are students of color, that is one more reason not to prosecute them as sexual felons.  I don’t mean not to prosecute them in adult court. I mean not to prosecute them at all.  If they’re guilty, they should be disciplined by the school, kicked off the Bombers team, and held accountable to their victims by making amends in words and deeds.  See the rest…

This brings me to a question… So, why do NAZI movements even exist?  Everyone knows that besides Muslims, it’s NAZIs that hate Jews with a passion.. I digress..NAZI movements exis in present-day America because of evil “Jewess’s” like Levine.   So, Liberal Jews:  Please shut up about ‘anti-semites’..  YOU created them.  Absolutely. 100%.    You make my life suck.   You are anti-normal. Anti-decent.   You are the opposite of everything that God has created.    May God deal with you the way you deal with people.

Its so sick and sad to me that this is a “Jewish” woman.  I am sitting here in tears – for real.  She is a “Levin”, the Levin’s are supposed to be leaders/elders that represent HaShem, not HaSatan.  Levine is a child of evil.  She should be disrespected in any way possible—regardless of her ‘religion.’    (Which is not Jewish at all, but satanic-Marxism)

I am so sorry, God.  Sorry for the wickedness of many of my people.  I ask that non-Jews who want to love God, love holiness and good:  PLEASE become Jews to help eradicate this mess.