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“Zionist” Obama Official: “50 Yrs Occupation Of Israel Must End”, Obama Is The White Nazi Dream Come True

“Zionist” Obama Official: “50 Yrs Occupation Of Israel Must End”, Obama Is The White Nazi Dream Come True

For years, I have fought rabid, white, NAZI, anti semitic, Jew-haters telling them that Obama was their dream come true.  I feel justified yet sickened and sad that our government is so Israel hating & God hating.    And, here it all is today.  I am right, the white Nazi’s who called Obama a “Zionist”  have been wrong all along.  How does it feel, Liberal “Jews” to know that you’re friends in cahoots with white Nazi’s who you only claim to hate.  We all know you secretly LOVE Nazi’s.

“We cannot simply pretend that those comments were never made,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told the J Street conference in Washington on Monday. “Israel cannot maintain military control of another people indefinitely,” he said. “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”  Read more: Sputnik News..

I would like to know how Israel is ‘occupying’ its own land and how that’s a bad thing..
Truth is the truth:  It is the Arabs who are occupying Israeli land..

I Thought Israel “Owned” The US Govt. Why Is Obama “Reassessing” Policy?

I Thought Israel “Owned” The US Govt. Why Is Obama “Reassessing Policy?”


Honestly… “Israel owns the US Govt” makes me either laugh like crazy or get angry.  How the hell does Israel own our government?  In 2005, The US Government, under GWB expelled close to 10K Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif (Gaza).  These Jews had been living in their homes for over 50 years.  How the hell is this ‘owning’ the US Government??   How would Americans like it if the Israelis kicked 10K Americans out of their homes in Pebble Beach?

The American government has the worst foreign policy in the planet.  The US cabal changes regimes in many countries if those said countries do not ‘go along’ with what the American government demands.  Israel will be included in this ‘reassessment’.   Regime change will come to Israel also.   Believe me.  So, Israelis had better wise up to the violent NGO’s, protests, malatov cocktail throwers, etc.  Think Ukraine. Think Egypt. Think Syria. Think Libya.

When Obama says he is going to ‘reassess’ policy, he means regime change by coup. Obama Tells Netanyahu: US Going to Reassess Policy On Israel

Democrats Manage To Dig Up The Ugly On Hillary–But, Not Obama Because “That’s Racist”

Democrats Manage To Dig Up The Ugly On Hillary, But, Not Obama Because “That’s Racist”

Not a Hillary fan here in the least bit.. But, I am finding it comical that the Democrat party cannot manage to dig up anything about Obama but, it’s fire away on Hillary.  How convenient.

Sounds as if Valerie Jarrett released the Email scenario scandal to the press.  But, remember Rosen-gate with his computer files absconded? James Rosen?  That fell off the front page 2 years ago. Nothing seems to touch  Obama, the Teflon Swan.

So far, the ugly on Obama and his scandals amount to many catastrophes, like:  IRS targeting Obama’s enemies, Benghazi, The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme, The Pigford scandal, Waging war all by himself including arming Syrian cannibal rebels, Muslim brotherhood and Egypt and NAZI’s in Ukraine. Add the hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer and the infamous birth certificate and forged identity.

It’s not Hillary Clinton (at this point in time) who is passing executive orders and warring against the planet.

Let’s just keep ignoring the elephant in the room because that’s racist.


Another Anti-Israel Lie? Accusation: ‘3 Israeli/US Dual Advisers’ Aiding #ISIL But, (No Direct Link To Anywhere)

Another Anti-Israel Lie? Accusation-‘3 Israeli/US Dual Advisers’ Aiding #ISIL. But, No Link To Any News Site


….Last week, I linked this aforementioned story of US involvement with ISIS: USA Govt Will Not Help Christians In Iraq and Obama  Sent Chinooks W/ Weapons To ISIS.  CNN reported this story.


This week, websites are now claiming that Israel is also involved in Obama’s ISIS scandal:

#1. Alex Jones website: Corporate Media Ignores Report of U.S. and Israeli Operatives Arrested Aiding ISIS. Kurt Nimmo links up an Iranian news source named: ‘Tasnim News’ – which claims that “An Iranian lawmaker described the arrest of American and Israeli advisers in an ISIL command center in Iraq as yet another fiasco for Washington and called on the UN to show proper reaction to it.”   Right here.

#2. Vineyard of the Saker also reports this ‘news’ story: Iraq Arrests ISIL’s US, Israeli Military Advisors in Mosul | The Vineyard of the Saker …

…..However, when I personally went to look up the ‘Iraq Sama News Agency’, (which is enclosed in the above links)  there is no such story and I can’t even find a link to this ‘Iraqi news agency.’     Some Muslims accuse Israel right here:  Read on the original site, but link nothing to Iraq where Iraq said anything of the sort and that post is M.I.A.

Freedom’s floodgates also ‘reported’ this and a Mr. Robert Wenzel also has the same suspicion as I do:

By Robert Wenzel Note this report is coming from the Tasnim News Agency based in Iran. I have not been able to locate the original alleged Iraq Sama News Agency report, but this may be because it is not  available in English. Caution should be taken when evaluating this piece. I have no independent knowledge relative to the accuracy of reports from Tasnim. It is posted for the record and as a potential lead.  Originally published at: Target Liberty

…..In my opinion: When Islamics link up ‘news’ accusing Israel of involvement in Arab affairs and there is no direct news story that leads to anywhere, it is anti-Israel propaganda.   ‘Mr. Wenzel advises people to ‘take caution’ in evaluating this story, yet nobody is taking caution when it comes to Israel.   As usual.  J’Accuse Israel, non-stop, day after day.

*If I am found to be wrong, I will certainly apologize.  But, until then, you just keep blaming the Jews for your ass being sore, Jew haters.

“Zionist” Obama Has Cut Intel Cooperation Ties W/ Israel Says Report

“Zionist” Obama Has Cut Intel Cooperation Ties W/ Israel Says Report


Ya know… I can believe it.  Valerie Jarrett is Iranian so it would be au naturale for Obama the Communist Muslim to cut off Israel & turn on his idiotic “Jews”.   I mean…it’s sad that I have to say that this is poetic justice for me:

I have told these Liberal “Jews” that Obama would turn on them in a 2nd term.  They didn’t believe me..Whatever

But, what’s even funnier is that people like  the INCOG MAN have repeatedly said that “Obama is a Zionist”…

Imagine, Barack Hussein Obama – the man who supplies the Syrian rebels and ISIS is a “Zionist.”

This same man can’t stand Netanyahu being near him.. is a “Zionist.

At any rate…America–the goose is cooked.  Get it? Curse Israel and you’re finished. It’s just the way it is.   America never needed to fund Israel in any way.  All God asks—is to bless his land. But, so many Americans (no, not all but many) now curse his land.   Treat his covenanted people like trash and blame Jews for everything. And, man I mean everything.   Since our government curses Israel, and the fish rots from the head down–we will be cursed BY God for this treatment.   Hell, we already are.

Click to see the report.