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Hillary Friend: NH DEM Rep, Thomas Katsiantonis, Arrested? Being Investigated For “Financial Crimes” (#PizzaGate)?

Hillary Friend:  NH DEM Rep, Thomas Katsiantonis, Arrested? Being Investigated For “Financial Crimes” (#PizzaGate)?

UPDATE: It is said that only warrants were issued.

Gee, a Democrat investigated being arrested for ‘financial crimes’ not even reported anywhere.  The FBI raided his home and cuffed him… NO news here.    Only Trump crap, 24-7.  

 It is rumored that this NH Rep is involved in “PizzaGate”.. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. We don’t know.   It is only released that he is under investigation for ‘financial crimes.’ 

At any rate:

  • Thomas Katsiantonis is a Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Hillsborough 15. He was first elected to the chamber in 2008. Katsiantonis served in the House previously, representing Hillsborough 15 from 2003 to 2004. Katsiantonis was a candidate for Hillsborough 15 in 2006, Hillsborough 17 in 2004, and Hillsborough 50 in 2002

CONCORD — N.H. Republican State Committee Chairman Jeanie Forrester is calling for the suspension of Representative and Alderman Thomas Katsiantonis after learning of his involvement in an open criminal investigation:  

1. http://www.nh1.com/news/jeannie-forrester-calls-for-suspension-of-rep-thomas-katsiantonis/

2. http://www.nh1.com/news/authorities-conducting-financial-investigation-into-nh-state-rep-and-manchester-alderman/

3. http://www.nh1.com/news/authorities-at-home-businesses-belonging-to-state-rep-and-manchester-alderman-katsiantonis/

4. https://manchesterinklink.com/state-local-federal-agents-execute-warrants-aldermans-home-businesses/

Katsiantonis with Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama:

Enter Phase Filth: The Normalization Of Child Pedophilia & Left Wing/Liberal/Progressives

Enter Phase Filth: The Normalization Of Child Pedophilia & Left Wing/Liberal/Progressives

There is a terrible scandal going on inside of the dead Hillary Clinton campaign with John Podesta, his family & David Brock from Media Matters.  

OK, here goes and it is going to sound strange:  From what I have read, there is a Pizza parlor called “Comet Pizza” in D.C., which is accused of being a ring of crime for pedophiles.  It is being called “PizzaGate”.   I will not divulge into this until I have read it all.    And, believe me, its a long story.   It is a ‘hands off’ news story..which could have the potentiality of being one of the biggest scandals in politics.. And, why do I believe so?  Because the main breaking story regarding “Pizzagate” on “Reddit” is gone:  https://m.reddit.com/r/pizzagate/comments/5da0kp/comet_ping_pong_pizzagate_summary/?compact=true

And there is MASSIVE cover up in the news media.  I believe this is the ‘Big Kahuna’ for the Democrats.

With the main breaking news story being gone,  it’s replacement came in this piece from the liars at NY Times: Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking (NYTimes)

Why shut down findings on reddit? If the findings are “fake”, then why not alleviate genuine citizen concern with evidence? NYTimes was not fast enough  to cover this up.  The story of this scandal is now enclosed here:

See below how “Uber car Service” will transport young girls for more fun in a Podesta email:

Image result for john podesta pedophilia email, wikileaks

All of the threads are gone on the website called “4 Chan” re. Pizza Gate

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At any rate:

My issue is the normalization of child pedophiles.  


Before last May, Salon wrote this normalization of pedophilia piece:  SALON, 2002

Excerpt:  Sex between teenage boys and older men is not always coercive — and it can be more ecstatic than traumatic.





  • Inquisitr piece on Kanye West exposing this pedophile “Pizza Gate” scandal:   Click to read


  • Corey Feldman on Liberal, filthy Hollywood and pedophilia:

Like it or not, the complete normalization of filth became a reality in June 2015 when homosexuals were allowed to marry.

Marriage is a biblical union, not secular.  Politics had NO place in marriage & when men/men, women/women were allowed to demand a holy thing (marriage) become unholy, it is because good men did nothing.     I don’t care if you like it or not, I am bound by my love for God to call the evil: evil and good: good.  Does it mean I hate these people who practice it?  No.  However, when you make the abnormal: normal, you had best be prepared for the normalization of filth.  

What people do in their bedroom is between them and God.  When they demand that God justify their need to burn for each other, then we are on a slippery slope.  A nation without any sense of morality is a failure.

Many of my friends around me are totally aghast over the filth of the left.  I have tried to tell them how repulsive Liberals are – for years – to no avail.  Since people refuse to listen, they are being over-whelmed with filth.    Lastly, to stop the normalization of filth and smut, the normal must demand justice.  Just because Trump will be the Prez does not mean your work is over.  In fact, if you want justice, your work just begun.

Liberals are naturally drawn to evil and bad because inwardly; they are ravenous wolves, reprobates and satanic.  The ONLY way to stop a filthy Liberal Communist is for moral people to expose, expose, expose, shame, shame, shame.

See these other articles on the Pizza gate scandal here:  http://civilianwarcollege.com/clinton-child-sex-trafficking/.  It’s all too gross for me to even write anymore. I am sickened.