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Here Comes The Propaganda “War Crimes” Against #Syria’s Assad, Just As I Predicted:

Here Comes The Propaganda “War Crimes” Against Syria’s Assad, Just As I Predicted:

I have predicted that this phoney war is to remove Assad.  Link below proves I am right.

When are Americans ever going to wake up? When?  How long are they going to keep believing the lies of the United States Government?  Here is the facts:  Assad, Yanukovych, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Milosevic, etc are NOT our despots.  Obama, the Dems/Commies and the war-loving madmen of the GOP ARE.  How many tyrants can you people actually believe exist without looking at our own tyrants?  This is infuriating.

The State Department has obtained 27,000 photographs showing the emaciated, bruised and burned bodies of Syrian torture victims — gruesome images that a top official told Yahoo News constitute “smoking gun” evidence that can be used to bring war-crimes charges against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The photos are “horrific — some of them put you in visceral pain,” said Stephen J. Rapp, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for war crimes, in an interview. “This is some of the strongest evidence we’ve seen in the area of proof of the commission of mass atrocities.”

A SMALL NUMBER means bullsh’t.

(The Holocaust Museum…, Interesting that the Museum is not putting out pictures of what the Syrian Rebels have done to the Syrian Christians. )   EVIL!    And, will the Holocaust museum care to show Bashar Assad liberating Christians in April 2014?    I doubt it.    American Liberal/Marxist and pseudo Conservative Jews:  You are making it harder and harder for me and my husband to stand with you- In fact, just go die.

Assad’s ‘torture chambers’ filled with Islamic militant Palestinians…NOT enough for these American ‘Jews’ to shut the f’ck up.  Assad has Jihadist-Palestinians in his ‘chambers’ = American “Jews” not happy.   Ya can’t make this sh’t up.

Here is Assad liberating Christians:  War-Nuts Pushing Chem Weapon Propaganda Against #Syria. It Is FSA/Rebels Using Chems


00 Ma'loula 05. 21.04.14.

Plus:  Virginia Senator Thanks Syrian President Bashar Al Assad



The Left USES Women & Children Propaganda While Pretending The Right Has A #WARONWOMEN

The left has NO rules.  Whatever advances Communism–that they will use.

The Left USES Women & Child Propaganda While Pretending The Right Has A #WARONWOMEN

The  magazine, ‘The Week’,  is one of the left’s major propaganda tools to dumb down Americans.  In this picture below (on the front page of a July issue of “The Week”) They skillfully place children on the border fence..  To gain sympathy.   They do the same thing Hamas does.   For ie., Hamas will not allow any militants to be photo’d, only women and children.  See here: Google search of ‘Gazans (or Palis) killed, 2014′  HERE


They only show children at the border.. Never mind this:  Illegal Immigrants Kill Border Patrol Agent August 5, 2014 | (The Daily Caller)


More:  Below is the August issue of “The Week.”  In this issue, we see a female in Gaza – crying because Israel is guilty of war crimes or something.  Never Hamas.  The leftists use women to advance their lying cause.  There is no ‘war on women’ in USA.  As for Gaza.. None of the Jew haters can seem to explain why Ramallah (Palestine) has no issue with Israel.  The problem in Israel is HAMAS.

More propaganda:


I’m sick and tired of the left-wing war against America {& weary of their pals, the NAZIs}   Tired of their abuse of the weakest amongst us.  Tired of their insane Stalinist, pro-Terrorist propaganda.  To use women and children shows that the left is the lowest form of animal life.

Сила в ПРАВДЕ. Наш ответ США. Will This Be The Russian Response To US/EU BS Sanctions?

Frightful video…

Сила в ПРАВДЕ. Наш ответ США. Will This Be The Russian Response To US/EU BS Sanctions?

You know, you people in US and EU media had better wake the hell up.  Stop the anti-Russian propaganda.  You were afraid of them for a reason growing up because you knew these people meant business when they were angry.   Now, you are pushing the bear and he is getting ready to attack and you will lose because we’re flat broke.

Is all of this propaganda worth you being nuked?  Do you really want to be charred to death?  You really believe Obama will save your ass?  Stop this insanity.. The young people of Russia who are patriots of their country are sick and tired of the non stop defamation against their country.  It was the EU/US govt that started the mess in Ukraine and now they blame Russia for their FUBAR. 



Remember: I warned you. Several of us did.

MondoWeiss @anniefofani Reporting Fake Photos Re. #GazaUnderAttack From June 2013

Rocket from Gaza hitting Sderot 3 weeks ago.

MondoWeiss @anniefofani Reporting  Fake Photos About #GazaUnderAttack From 6/2013

Why even link these pictures??  Pictures speak a thousand words in the age of the net. Sometimes, that’s all people look at.   Isn’t is bad enough that there is war all over the earth??   Humans suffering in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, South Africa, etc..  But, MondoWeiss allows this on his website with NO update that this is  incorrect photo information?   Is the truth not important anymore to journalists?  Is no research available in the age of the internet?  Whatever ‘side’ you are on, it is important to present the truth.

  This is the post on MondoWeiss: ‘Palestinians celebrate report that Hamas captured Israeli soldier’

See the picture on the left they have posted and on their website, click on it.  It is a propaganda picture from June 2013.  Here is the proof:


Here is the link to the page:  From a year ago

This information was linked on my Twitter page.  But I found original researcher: Muqata’s blog

There is a lot of propaganda being posted on Twitter regarding this mess with Israel/Gaza. 

See this: On my Twitter Page.  It is a photo of a little girl which was a “Pallywood” photo.  I tried to show that this was an old photo to a pro-Pali but he just ranted at me.. Here is the real, whole photo.  Here is another that is going around on Twitter:  Click here…

The one he showed:

Embedded image permalink

I showed the whole photo to him:

Please stop the phoney pictures and hyped-up stories.  We will continue to hold these things to account.  I think that Annie should just re-post, apologize for the photo & sensationalism.  Try to search the truth without bias.  You should demand that the truth be told on ALL sides in war time.   Was a bigoted account like this ok, Annie?   This is what you stated: 

The streets in Ramallah and Gaza erupted in ecstasy tonight after Hamas announced that it had captured an Israeli soldier in the neighborhood of Hayye al Tuffah (Apple) in Gaza.

“Erupted in ecstasy?”   Come on….War is hell.  You should know better.   Even Haaretz is calling this out:  Syrian civil war clips get recycled for Israel-Gaza propaganda battle.  BBC also:  SHOCKER: Normally Anti-Israel BBC Exposes Gaza Propaganda

(Screen cap of MondoWeiss, click for larger image)


3 @RT News Reporters Quit, Wanted To “Tell the Truth,” About RT & Ukraine But Never Did.

3 @RT News Reporters Quit RT, Wanted To “Tell the Truth,” About RT, But Never Did.

I smell…….

Three of Russia Today’s broadcasters quit R.T. this year, claiming that the Independent media powerhouse is run by Putin who pulls the strings.. That is possible.   I am not one to deny a fellow lady.. However, 2 of them resigned saying they wanted to tell the truth about Russia/Ukraine.  Really?  I am one of the only female bloggers, besides Lisa, my friend, and bloggers on Twitter who have told the truth re. Ukraine.  (You can see all of my posts on Ukraine here:   Ukraine )

Sara Firth resigned from RT because Russia claimed that Ukraine downed the Malaysian flight:  Sara Firth Resignation

  • My question to Sara firth:  Did you reveal how John McCain instigated the riots in Kiev in Dec. 2013?  Did you tell the truth about Pierre Omidyar, American Ebay founder who donated  $500,000 USD to the Ukrainian ‘revolt‘?

Did Firth tell the truth about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden- who secured a position with Ukraine’s largest gas company?  Ukraine Gas Producer Appoints R. Hunter Biden to Board  (NBC)  Ditto acquaintance of John Kerry:  Biden’s Son, Kerry Family Friend Join Ukrainian Gas (Wall St Journal) …

If you have no intention of telling these above truths, Miss Firth, your resignation is just hyperbole & TV drama.


  • Did Abby Martin  (1st RT quitter)  come out public and show Americans what members of the Senate  from the USA are doing in Ukraine?  Nope.

 Now, on to the real brave females:


Both Attkisson and Lyon continue to battle big government as these other 3 juvenile, Western feminists rant on Twitter.   A disgrace to females–who are already disgraced here in the west…  Tokyo Roses.     Don’t trust these 3–EVER – if you are a man.    Do not make friends with them if you are a woman.  And, for heaven’s sakes…don’t let them breed.

I am not interested in what Putin does, but am very curious to know the truth about our own totalitarian regime & it’s CENSORSHIP.  Stop b’tchin about Russia when it’s our own MSM that censors us.