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Ukrainian Politician – Vladislav Gronvald “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”

Ukrainian Politician From Donetsk Vladislav Gronvald: “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”


The Ukrainian politician fron Donetsk says:

“If the Russian army had really invaded Ukraine, the war would have ended within a week on the border with Poland.  And they all really understand this,” he added. 


  • How could Americans have not put this aforementioned statement together in 2014 when John McCain fomented revolution in Kiev?
  • OR When Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian Gas Company?
  • OR When Soros emails were hacked showing he was the master puppet of the Ukrainian SNAFU?
  • OR When Pierre Omidyar donated a half a million to the phony Ukrainian revolt? 


Here is the Ukrainian politicians facebook page post:  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=595810853950811&id=100005657052342

Which was linked by “Fort Russ”, a website which reports on activities in war-torn areas:  Click on the Fort Russ website. 

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Image of the above post from Ukraine:


#SOROS Hacked: Docs Show AGAIN That He Was Puppet-Master Of #UKRAINE Mess. I Told You He Was YEARS AGO, People Called Me A “Putin Troll”

#SOROS Hacked: Docs Show AGAIN That He Was Puppet-Master Of #UKRAINE Mess.  I Told You He Was YEARS Ago, People Called Me A “Putin Troll”


I told people that Soros was the Puppet Master of the Ukraine FUBAR and Putin/Russia was NOT the aggressor but people like Daniel Greenfield (a fellow Jew) told me I was a “Moscow troll, paid by Putin”   See:  Daniel Greenfield, @Sultanknish Answer My Questions Re. Ukraine, Not “You’re Using Putin Talking Points”

Where are you now, Greenfield?

Aug 2016- Now, more docs of Soros have been hacked by Guccifer (Who’s post has been removedGUCCIFER 2.0 HACKED DCCC  [Read it online, they show Soros’ hands all over the Ukraine disaster]    OR here:  DC Leaks website  http://dcleaks.com/index.php/srs_reserves/

I told readers (who are not following me on Twitter that Soros was the leading perp of the Ukraine mess & he admitted it)  right here in 2014:  King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

Here is a screen cap of Soros involvement in Ukraine & the demonizing of Russia:

Soros 3

The whole mess in Ukraine is a damned LIE.  The jouros LIE constantly, blaming Russia for everything.   This is what many Americans have turned into:  Whiney little brats who refuse to take responsibility for the mess our own government creates along with Soros the most evil man alive.


Fake-servatives for Ted Cruz are inadvertently supporting George Soros because Ted Cruz is also pro-Ukraine Junta:

Many of you Fake-Servatives called me so many terrible names for telling the truth about Ukraine years ago.  You snots have stolen my stories, laughed at me, treated me awful.