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@nikkihaley Wants To Murder Off The Remaining Christians In #Syria By Starting War W/ Putin & Assad

@nikkihaley Wants To Murder Off The Remaining Christians In #Syria By Starting War W/ Putin & Assad

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What is with these American “Christians” who hate Middle Eastern Christians???  Why is she not revealing that Obama armed ISIS and that we are fighting a war against the elected leader of Syria?  Why is she so afraid to expose that we are with ISIS?  


Middle eastern Christians have been exiled from their countries or brutally murdered  by ISIS (our Islamic “Black-water”)  How do these bastards sleep at night??  The American people can’t seem to get enough of bombing.  It’s just the damned truth. 

This is what Haley said the other day:

Julian Assange who leaks information from the DNC said this:

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Pick your side.  

I am against Haley.  And, I am against any regime, including the Trump administration if they start an all-out war with Russia and Syria.  I will not stand before God and say that I did nothing to help the poor Christians in Syria when they were being murdered by MY government.

Putin Kills ISIS Leading Terrorist: Trump Allows People Who Threaten His Life Go Free. Putin 1, Trump, 0

Putin Kills ISIS Leading Terrorist: Trump Allows People Who Threaten His Life Go Free. Putin 1, Trump, 0

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Think hard on this:

If Trump allows people who threaten to execute him just go free:   What would he do for you?

Putin is in Syria burying ISIS terrorists [that the US Govt armed] and Trump is bombing anti ISIS forces in Syria: Syria airstrike: US military bombs pro-Assad forces | The Independent  (Which is NO better than Obama, even worse because Trump said we should stay OUT of Syria in 2013, plus “The Donald” is bombing the ‘good’ side)    September 2, 2013: ‘If the U.S. attacks Syria and hits the wrong targets, killing civilians, there will be worldwide hell to pay. Stay away and fix broken U.S.’

SO: who is doing right and who is doing wrong?

I promised people that if a President, any President did wrong, I would be on him like a duck on a junebug.  I hold fast to the things I say.  I cannot show partiality.  I have loved my country and her people. Trump has done some things ok: Like the Paris accord and dumping it.  He has done other things as well:  What Trump has done in his first 100 days in office | PolitiFact.

However, the things that have been signed and enacted are not dealing with law and order in our own nation.  When Kathy Griffin held up the head of a bloodied Trump with NO ramifications, it gave leave for anyone to do so & even carry it out.  Since then, we have seen a play where the actors enact the assassination of Trump. We have seen a mad, Left-wing Communist shoot a member of the house.  We have seen Pro-Trump supporters beaten and bloodied.  Perpetrators are not arrested.  They get a slap on the wrist.  Because it’s “Free Speech”. No, its not. Beating people for their political beliefs is straight up fascist.

Well, I call bullshit when I see it: BULLSHIT.  Trump is NOT keeping law and order and is losing my slim support daily.  Michael Savage says that he is “Better than Hillary”, and that may be true.  Is that all Trump wanted? To be a little better than Hillary?  

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PUTIN: 1, Trump: ZERO.

Putin kills terrorists and ‘takes out’ terrorists in his own country.  He also buries those who would bring disorder to his country.  Putin is a leader. Trump is a little better than Hillary.

PS: Trump has allowed 125K Amnesty: The real scandal? Trump has granted amnesty to 125k illegals.

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Ukrainian Politician – Vladislav Gronvald “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”

Ukrainian Politician From Donetsk Vladislav Gronvald: “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”


The Ukrainian politician fron Donetsk says:

“If the Russian army had really invaded Ukraine, the war would have ended within a week on the border with Poland.  And they all really understand this,” he added. 


  • How could Americans have not put this aforementioned statement together in 2014 when John McCain fomented revolution in Kiev?
  • OR When Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian Gas Company?
  • OR When Soros emails were hacked showing he was the master puppet of the Ukrainian SNAFU?
  • OR When Pierre Omidyar donated a half a million to the phony Ukrainian revolt? 


Here is the Ukrainian politicians facebook page post:  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=595810853950811&id=100005657052342

Which was linked by “Fort Russ”, a website which reports on activities in war-torn areas:  Click on the Fort Russ website. 

Here are all of my posts on Ukraine: On this blog

On my other, older blog: on WordPress.


Image of the above post from Ukraine:


#SOROS Hacked: Docs Show AGAIN That He Was Puppet-Master Of #UKRAINE Mess. I Told You He Was YEARS AGO, People Called Me A “Putin Troll”

#SOROS Hacked: Docs Show AGAIN That He Was Puppet-Master Of #UKRAINE Mess.  I Told You He Was YEARS Ago, People Called Me A “Putin Troll”


I told people that Soros was the Puppet Master of the Ukraine FUBAR and Putin/Russia was NOT the aggressor but people like Daniel Greenfield (a fellow Jew) told me I was a “Moscow troll, paid by Putin”   See:  Daniel Greenfield, @Sultanknish Answer My Questions Re. Ukraine, Not “You’re Using Putin Talking Points”

Where are you now, Greenfield?

Aug 2016- Now, more docs of Soros have been hacked by Guccifer (Who’s post has been removedGUCCIFER 2.0 HACKED DCCC  [Read it online, they show Soros’ hands all over the Ukraine disaster]    OR here:  DC Leaks website  http://dcleaks.com/index.php/srs_reserves/

I told readers (who are not following me on Twitter that Soros was the leading perp of the Ukraine mess & he admitted it)  right here in 2014:  King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

Here is a screen cap of Soros involvement in Ukraine & the demonizing of Russia:

Soros 3

The whole mess in Ukraine is a damned LIE.  The jouros LIE constantly, blaming Russia for everything.   This is what many Americans have turned into:  Whiney little brats who refuse to take responsibility for the mess our own government creates along with Soros the most evil man alive.


Fake-servatives for Ted Cruz are inadvertently supporting George Soros because Ted Cruz is also pro-Ukraine Junta:

Many of you Fake-Servatives called me so many terrible names for telling the truth about Ukraine years ago.  You snots have stolen my stories, laughed at me, treated me awful.


Jackass LOSERS: Western Media Upset That Putin Is Killing Syrian CANNIBAL Rebel Jihadists

Jackass LOSERS: Western Media Upset That Putin Is Killing Syrian CANNIBAL Rebel Jihadists


You know a sore loser when you see one:  Losers criticize how their opponents are winning.

All over the lying, brainwashing, idiot box and the American/EU internet – there are little, crybaby journos wailing like the brats they are that Russia is killing Syrian rebels – “America’s allies” as they put it..  

Our new, brave friends (the Syrian rebels) are so wonderful.  Just the epitome of graciousness.  They only eat their opponents, whereas ISIS locks Christians in cages & burns them to death.    So, pick your poison, jackasses.

Russia says hogwash to EU/US:  “We’re not killing civilians” – Russophile..

Syrian rebels are cannibals:

And, in the midst of this mess…??  John McCain wants to arm Jihadists on the ground to fight Putin’s 150K seasoned, military men plus Spetsnaz.   Insane. Lunatic.