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People Are Starting To HATE “Gays” With A Passion. “Gays” Are Creating This Hatred

People Are Starting To HATE “Gays” With A Passion. “Gays” Are Creating This Hatred


A few months ago, after Arizona tossed the fag ban on marriage and the state of Arizona threw the rest of us under the bus, I noticed some real seething anger toward the ‘gays.’  

One woman was explaining how she was in Walmart and a militant, flagrant queer was extremely flamboyant as he was checking people out at the grocer’s line.  The woman had already put her things on the line.  She took one look at the ugly queen and started putting her groceries back in the cart.  When the militant-mary asked why she did this, the woman replied:  ‘I DON’T LIKE YOU HOMOSEXUALS SHOVING YOURSELVES ALL OVER ME AND I FEEL VIOLATED BY YOU.’   She then proceeded to go to the other checkers line.

I will have to tell you militant homosexuals:  When men start ‘beating a fag’ in the streets, don’t cry.  You created this by dumping on the majority.  Most people are repulsed by you.  Very few are with you.  The polls are completely skewed.  You dug your own graves with the holiday parades, the marriages on TV, etc. 

Enjoy the hell that’s coming, you militant slime, you created it…You repulsive Drama queens.

(Bloomberg) — The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for same-sex weddings to start in Alabama, letting the number of gay-marriage states climb in advance of a constitutional showdown that may mean legalization nationwide.

In a 7-2 order, the justices rejected Alabama’s bid to stop a federal trial judge’s legalization order from taking effect Monday. The state now will become the 37th where gays can marry. Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented.

The rebuff brings gay marriage to a state whose chief justice, Roy Moore, has told officials not to comply.

Enjoy our AmeriKan, Commie FREAK show.

(Good for Roy Moore– at least one man in USA has some guts.  I don’t hate gays who don’t bother everyone, btw.)