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“You’re Raping Our Women, You’re Taking Over Our Country” Said #DylannStormRoof, Who Is Created Because Of The Left

“You’re Raping Our Women, You’re Taking Over Our Country” Said Dylann Storm, Who Is A Left-Wing Creation

Is the Leftist beast never satisfied? 9 black people in a church were murdered by a young male named Dylann Storm.  Storm shouted “You’re raping our women, you’re taking over the country.”

When I advise people that a race war has started, I was not joking.  I meant every word.  It does not pleasure me that this is happening.  I am a patriot.  I do not want my country upside down.  I have fought against the Marxist insanity for as long as I can remember.  But, when we have a Communist, race-hustling revolutionary as the President of the US, I cannot win.  You cannot win.  Nobody wins.  We all lose.

Dylann Storm is a Left-wing creation.  He is a reactionary to the left and their anti-American divisive politics.  If there was no Left-wing, there would be no Dylann Storm. 

This kid had been looking at the real news.  He was observing the black mobs, the fake race news stories. The race/rape statistics:  He obviously knows about the black on white rapes.  None of this excuses evil behavior and the gunning down of innocent souls in South Carolina.  And, there is no excuse for white after white murdered, raped, beaten or robbed by young, black men either.

But, who is the real culprit here?  The Left.  Always the left.  Every problem we face is because of the Left- wing.   They are the ones responsible for the murder of 9 Christian blacks in South Carolina and they are responsible for creating  Dylann Storm.   Blame ‘white supremacy’ all you want, Liberals.  But, it’s you that crafted this beast with your constant enabling of black on white bigotry, affirmative action, covering up black on white crimes, open borders madness, the phoney ‘white privilege’ mantra, ETC, ETC.

“You’re Raping Our Women, You Taking Over Our Country”  is not a lie:





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American Of Indian Descent Faked Being Black For Med School. More Proof #WhitePrivilege Is BS.

American Of Indian Descent Faked Being Black For Med School. More Proof #WhitePrivilege Is BS.

If you do not know after reading this story–who the ‘master race’ in America is, you’re a naive idiot.   The whole hype about ‘white privilege’ is just that: Hype–and a LIE. 

Mindy Kaling brother - FOR RICK HOMAN

[Vijay Chokal-Ingam is an Indian-American applicant (left) and as an African-American applicant (right). Chokal-Ingam was accepted to medical school by pretending to be an African-American applicant.]

Quote from Vijay: 

I shaved my head, trimmed my long Indian eyelashes, joined the University of Chicago’s Organization of Black Students (a black friend ran it, knew my scam and got me in) and began applying to medical schools as a black man.

EXCERPTs from NY Post:

One of my closest friends, nicknamed Boots — Indian-American like me — shared my dream.  But what happened to Boots next chilled me to my marrow. He began applying to medical schools and we both figured he would sail through, get many interviews and then have his pick. Boots was a year older and medical school was everything he had worked for since starting at the University of Chicago. His grades and test scores were better than mine because, unlike me, he actually studied. But when he applied to 15 medical schools, got only two interviews and was accepted to exactly zero schools, he felt like a college running back who thinks he’ll go to the Patriots in the second round and is stunned when he’s relegated to playing in the CFL.

Another story inserted in the NY Post:

I ran across a newspaper article about Rommel Nobay, an Indian who lied about being black to gain admission into medical school

Another excerpt:

What I wasn’t prepared for was the startling change in the way people treated the “black” me. People became suspicious, even hostile. Walking to class one morning, a lone female student ran into a snowy field to avoid me.

….Uh, yeah…She didn’t want to get raped, no doubt:


Read the whole story.  It’s a truth in America: Whites are NOT privileged.  As are not Asians, Indians, etc.  The only ‘privileged’ are the blacks.   And, just think:  They’re passin  ’em through med school (even though many [not all] are lousy students)   Soon, they’ll be working on your hearts, brains, etc.    Click on the NY Post.

Enjoy American equality…. 

The biggest lie ever hoaxed on the American people.

Hey Putin, Check Out USA’s Toughest Man Who Took Down Guiliani & Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid

Dear Prez Putin, Check Out USA’s Toughest Man Who Took Down Guiliani This AM & Be Afraid!

Mr. Putin.. I want you to know that America is filled with very strong, masculine, fighting men who can kick major ass.. So, I would be careful if I was you… ‘Wanting’ WW3 n all.   I’ll have you know, Mr Putin, that all U.S. cities are filled with little metro-queers like this jackass below.  So, I would be very frightened of mighty America.

Let me introduce you to Luke Briker who took down the former Mayor of NYC this AM:  Rudy Giuliani’s disgusting new low: Ex-mayor says … -The  Salon


SO- Guiliani is a ‘fascist’ because he knows there is an issue with the sons of Obama who are always ‘taking out’  their bro’s.   (I don’t give a damn what they do to each other, in fact, most people don’t–let em sort each other out.)  

The former Mayor cleaned NYC…but, this little twerp thinks he’s a fascist.. Aint he the bravest?? Wow..

This is Luke’s tough guy pic on Twitter..


Be afraid, Mr. Putin be very afraid…..Cuz, Luke is kickin ass and takin names