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#InsaneMcCain: “I’ve Met W/ #ISIS, Rand Paul Hasn’t!” #Syria @SenJohnMcCain

#InsaneMcCain: “I’ve Met W/ #ISIS, Rand Paul Hasn’t!”

Moonbat McCain is back and crazy as ever.  He accuses himself at every turn and we the idiots allow this bastard to stay in office.   There is no remedy for nuts like this.  Honestly.. Put him in a padded cell and throw away the key..  Where the hell is Blaine Cooper when ya need him…   Actually, I like it when this jackass reveals himself.. Shows how right I have been all along.

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Sen. John McCain took on Sen. Rand Paul tonight on “Hannity”over his refusal to support Syrian rebels.

“Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria? Has he ever met with ISIS? Has he ever met with any of these people?” he asked.

“I’m not trying to start a fight, Senator,” Hannity said.