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#Soros Is Planning Overthrow Of Pres #TRUMP Just Like He Did To UKRAINE Prez. #ARRESTSOROS

#Soros Is Planning Overthrow Of Pres #TRUMP Just Like He Did To #UKRAINE. #ARRESTSOROS

I blogged about Kiev, Ukraine non stop 2013-2016-  Here &  HERE. 

The ‘war’ in Ukraine was not brought on by Russia and if you believe that, you’re stupid.   Soros planned and executed the violent overthrow of the elected leader of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.   He took credit for (what he called) the “Ukraine Renaissance”  See for yourself:

‘I established the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine in 1990 – before the country achieved independence.’  ‘Chancellor Angela Merkel must reach out to President Vladimir Putin to ensure that Russia is a partner, not an opponent, in the Ukrainian renaissance.’  More at  Project Syndicate

Soros emails re. Ukraine were hacked last year.  Enclosed from Zero Hedge was this:  

 “In poker terms, the US will ‘meet, but not raise,” the 84-year-old businessman explained, supposedly signing one of the letters as “a self-appointed advocate of the new Ukraine.”

Soros Ukraine Strategy   

OR click on my Tweet with enclosed Scribed PDF file from Hedge:


More on Omidyar here:  Clinton mega donor George Soros leads line-up of liberal billionaires  (Daily Mail, UK)

Here is a shot of Berkeley during staged, Soros riots:


Image result for men in masks, berkeley, riots, 2017



Image result for berkeley riots 2017

It looks a lot like the violent overthrow of Kiev, doesn’t it?

Image result for men in masks, kiev, ukraine

Image result for men in masks, kiev revolution


Image result for kiev riots

Maybe the reason it looks so much alike is because the ‘rioters’ (paid operatives) usually receive instructions like they did in Ukraine & Egypt….They are PROFESSIONAL.

Instructions For ‘Protesters’ Gear/Uniform In Tahrir/Maidan in Arabic & Ukrainian Languages Are Identical

 You can see where some more of these pamphlets are found:

CLICK (The Atlantic)
CLICK (The Guardian) 

All that I can say is:  Strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered..  The “Shepherd” is Soros.

  • OR, we will see continuous violence.  
  • OR, the left and the paid operative professionals will try to overthrow Trump.  

I have seen this overthrow in too many countries to ignore this.  Soros planned and executed the violent overthrow of the elected leader of Ukraine.  He is planning the same thing for Trump. 

Why Is Everyone Shocked By The Left & Hollywood? They Make Noise Over Nothing Continuously

Why Is Everyone Shocked By The Left & Hollywood? They Make Noise Over Nothing Continuously

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The left is comprised of spoiled, rotten brats.  

They protest all the time when the Democrats are out of power.  They have been doing this for 50 years plus.  Meryl Streep is so very upset that Donald Trump is the Prez now.   Ms. Streep is a Feminist, Left-wing gasbag.   The only thing that she is really angry over?  The fact that a white male is going to be the Prez.   That makes feminists insane more than anything on the face of the planet.   I didn’t expect anything else at the Golden Globe Awards after Trump’s election.  This is the modus operandi, status quo of the left:  To cry & stomp your feet when you don’t get your way.   Why everyone is so shocked at the Golden Globes is really beyond my comprehension.  We are not dealing with happy, high, pot-smoking hippies here.  We’re dealing with Communist radicals.  They are experts in creating fake chaos & destroying cities. 

If Donald Trump has not prepared for a massive, left-wing insurgency – then there will probably be riots all over the nation on inauguration day.  There will be at any rate.  If this was me in charge, I would be scaring the sh’t out of these Leftists.  I would meet them at every angle with promises of years of jail time, treason, treachery.  Trump has not made ONE policy yet.  Not ONE.  They are protesting nothing & trying to de-legitimize his win.  That is not how our form of government works and if they want that type government, we can deport them to Venezuela.  They love Socialism anyway.

It’s past time to hold these brats accountable.  How do you deal with a child that is screaming, crying & acting like a demon?  Do you give that child a candy bar?  Do you coddle the brat?  No.  You bind the little monster up.

I remember years ago, I knew this man who was a Pastor.  He was a very wise man.  He was baby-sitting a little brat who was unruly and got his way with everything.  The little devil messed with the wrong man.  The Pastor simply put his arms around the kid and would not let the miscreant go–for many hours.  Until the monster settled down.  After a few hours, the child finally rested.  The boy then smiled  up at him.  The kid was at peace for the first time in his 3 short years.

Here ends the lesson:  

Lock far, left-wing radicals up for a long time and give them very hard labor.  Enough said.  Until you deal with a bully, the bastard will rule over you.


So, What’s Changed In #Baltimore W/ Young, Black Males Since They Rioted In 1968? Nothing.

So? What’s Changed In #Baltimore W/ Young, Black Males Since They Rioted In 1968? Nothing.

Observe the fallout of the riots in Baltimore, circa 1968 in these videos.

Nothing has changed with black, male youth–not in 50 years.

Reel 2:

Reel 3:



They rioted in 1968 because of MLK’s assassination.  They rioted over this last wknd. for Freddy Gray-no doubt, a black thug.

….So, it does not matter if a person has right or wrong views in their opinion: Young, black males only see color & seem to crave violence.  They only see that the ‘white devil’ is racist.  They are taught to hate white skin–which is what racism is defined as:  A person who hates the color of another person’s skin. 

Their violent behavior has been enabled by the Progressive Liberals-Who are at the root of every, single problem in this nation.

Leffler -1968 WashingtonDC MLK riots.jpg

Nothings changed….



Not in 50 years…

…..Their chief Obama is in agreement with them: Breaking: Obama RIPS US Police: Too Often Target Poor, African Americans (VIDEO). This, of course means that America will see riots in every major city.  When a leader aligns with violence over law…There is a real problem, folks.  Be ready for many riots, lootings, killings, etc for another 16 mos with Obama being the ‘chief’. 

I Tweeted this out 24 hours ago:

SO- Did the Washington Post like my Tweet so well, that a young, fat, 20-something kid named Nick post an article, 16 hours ago without linking me–as usual?   Not only have they banned me from their Website, they disrespect my hard work.

Baltimore riots evoke memories of aftermath of MLK’s assassination, WA POST. 

Washington Post16 hours ago, May 28

“Civil Rights” Investigation For Michael Brown. NOTHING For Thousands Of Whites Murdered BY Blacks

“Civil Rights” Investigation For Michael Brown. NOTHING For Thousands Of Whites Murdered BY Blacks

Black terrorists in Missouri have burned down a Quick Stop and vandalized many stores for Michael Brown. 

AND:   ALL of that is OK because they’re black.  Imagine if whites did this to a whole town?  Are you kidding!?  Thousands of whites have been murdered BY blacks – no Civil rights issue, it hardly ever makes the front page news.  Just another day in USA when a white is beaten, raped or robbed by a black male.   Ashley Banfield reported on CNN this morning that this was a “Civil rights” issue.  NO mention of what went on INSIDE of the Police car or that Brown was possibly violent.


Whites will now be the minority in America: White students now the minority in U.S. public schools.  Do you really think the Hispanics will treat white children & white youths well?  I don’t think so.  Whites in America will have a horrible future.  And, there is no place for the whites to escape to.  Because the radical leftists ‘block bust’ ALL white communities now.  It’s genocide.

Here is a link that reports black on white crime, daily.  See yourself what the “Sons of Obama’ do to whites: (Black-on-white)

Blacks do not have ‘equal rights’, they have MORE rights than anyone and are treated like Kings and Queens in America as whites are treated like garbage.

Black terrorism: