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Dear Prez Putin & Russia: Please Keep The “Protesters” From America Locked Up For Good

Dear Prez Putin & Russia: Please Keep The “Protesters” From America Locked Up For Good

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It’s none of America’s business to be dabbling into a country that is NON-NATO.   Our govt along with “NGO’s” cause confusion and chaos all over God’s green earth.   It is time to stop them in their tracks.   After all, These same operatives rioted at Berkeley after Pres. Trump’s inauguration and the President did nothing.  Someone must hold American’s who are far, left-wing radicals accountable since our government refuses to do so.

Sean Spicer: U.S. ‘Strongly Condemns’ Arrest of Peaceful Russian Protesters.  does he even know they are probably SOROS operatives?

I have NO doubt that Soros is involved in this mess.  

What business do WE have protesting in a country somewhere else when we can’t even get healthcare bills straightened out.  Americans need to ‘pull the plank out of their own eyes’.  

What the hell are these American idiots trying to do?

Start WW3?

Ukrainian Politician – Vladislav Gronvald “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”

Ukrainian Politician From Donetsk Vladislav Gronvald: “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”


The Ukrainian politician fron Donetsk says:

“If the Russian army had really invaded Ukraine, the war would have ended within a week on the border with Poland.  And they all really understand this,” he added. 


  • How could Americans have not put this aforementioned statement together in 2014 when John McCain fomented revolution in Kiev?
  • OR When Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian Gas Company?
  • OR When Soros emails were hacked showing he was the master puppet of the Ukrainian SNAFU?
  • OR When Pierre Omidyar donated a half a million to the phony Ukrainian revolt? 


Here is the Ukrainian politicians facebook page post:  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=595810853950811&id=100005657052342

Which was linked by “Fort Russ”, a website which reports on activities in war-torn areas:  Click on the Fort Russ website. 

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Image of the above post from Ukraine: