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2 killers Who Attacked #CharlieHebdo Returned From #Syria Where France Is Arming Jihadists.

2 killers Who Attacked #CharlieHebdo Returned From #Syria Where France Is Arming The Jihadists.

……….What a clusterf’ck. We arm the Jihad and fight the Jihad? Who the hell are we fighting? Ourselves? Arming them and killing them ensures perpetual war.

I do feel terribly for what is happening in FR.  I hate human suffering, but it is what it is, people.   France: You can’t play with a hornet’s nest and not expect to get bitten..France arms Jihadists.  If the comics wanted to poke at Islam, why were they not prepared?   Did they not have guns?   If you start a war, you have to be prepared or they make YOU the martyr.

We all know that Islam is already murderous, kills with compulsion & does not need any instigating so why is the west arming them?    At any rate:  Ditto to America.  Ditto to the rest of Muslim-loving, leftist Europe.    Paybacks a bitch. A horrible price to pay.

The west arms Muslim psychos well – with tents, trucks, munitions, guns, rockets, bombs, etc…

Armed Libyan Rebels: France sent arms to Libyan rebels – The Washington Post (2011)

Syrian Rebels:  Revealed: What the West has given Syria’s rebels – Indep UK

More here:  Europe – France delivered arms to Syrian rebels (France 24)

US Senate Approves Plans To Arm Syrian Rebels ,EU failure will allow UK, France to arm Syrian rebels | Reuters

Think John McCain, folks..



Mr. Nekrassov says:


This will all come back to bite America, also.  So, you better get prepared.



Every action causes reaction..Plus the fact that Islam is already violent and murderous.  It’s the Perfect Storm.

Battle For Baghdad: #ISIS Is Armed W/ NATO Anti-aircraft Missiles?! PHOTOS & Video

Battle For Baghdad: ISIS Is Armed W/ NATO Anti-aircraft Missiles?! PHOTOS

Rebels in Syria (Same as ISIS), have been armed by NATO (US Gov) for 2 years: Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian Rebels … (Reuters, 2012) , US has secretly provided arms training to Syria rebels since 2012, (LA Times)


[The image above, a screenshot from a recently uploaded video, appears to show a fully assembled 9K338 Igla-S (NATO reporting name: SA-24 Grinch) in the hands of rebel forces in Syria.]  Hat Tip:  The Federalist Gary, & Rogue Adventurer Via:  @defendressofsan

So, tell me again how our guys are going to win a war that Iran wants to fight, anyway:  Iran’s Message to World: You Need Us to Fight Islamists (BBG)   Let Iran go fight this.  We can’t, we’re fighting ourselves over there.  Or at least some of our own weapons.

The US is cooked.  The fat lady is singing.  Let the old broad sing on her own soil.

….Confused About This “War On Terror”….

….Confused About This “War On Terror”….

The ‘powers’ that be have me confused and after you see my thoughts, may you also become confused and stop the war machine…


Rotten cheese smells in Denmark….

By the way, I am not alone: Did the Obama Regime invent the terror group ‘Khorasan’ as an excuse to attack Syria (Assad)?

Hat tip:  Zilla

#JamesFoley: Aided #ISIS Type Jihadists In Syria. Supported Islamic Terrorists Just Like @SenJohnMcCain

(I don’t like Beck anymore, but he is right about the Syrian cannibals  in the video above)

#JamesFoley: Aided #ISIS Type Jihadists In Syria. Supported Islamic Terrorists Just Like John McCain

This must be a “ZIONIST” plot even though Bare Naked Islam and Greenfield (Jews) are calling this out:   See that story here…

See Foley’s Tweet feed:  His agenda was obvious from his Twitter post feeds.

No doubt, Foley was a Progressive idiot.  One of those jackasses that think all Muslims are peacefulWe, however have told you from the get go that McCain, Obama and the rest want WW3, desperately .  They will stop at nothing for their world war.   These liars want to line their pockets with the blood of your young sons who are soldiers. 

Take note:  Foley was aiding the side against Assad.   Assad is fighting ISIS & Syrian rebels.  Assad has liberated countless Christians from Islamic terrorists:  (AP linked at Pat Dollard.)



We here have no pity towards those who have pity on murderous cannibals.