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I’ll Take The Old NYC Mafia Over The DC Cartel ANY Day Of The Week, @TedCruz

I’ll Take The Old NYC Mafia Over The DC Cartel ANY Day Of The Week, @TedCruz

Help the Lilliputians grasp for straws.  Join the “NeverTrump” crowd on Twitter who are like little demons, running to and fro, seeking who they may devour.

Ted Cruz, lying shiester and punk extraordinaire is now after Trump, who supposedly did business with the NYC Mafia in the 1980’s:  Click on the neo-con rag to see

Let me tell ya, the Mafia took care of NY/NYC.   That’s the fact of the matter.    The “Mob” that you see in Movies is not the ‘real mob’.    Although there are always fringe aspects who are murderous and violent in any political or national group.  Fact is, the “Mob” took excellent care of NY and the people in it.

I will give you an example of one of my personal experiences with the ‘mob’.  

My husband lost his mother in 2009. We didn’t have all the money needed to bury her at that time.  We needed over 10K.   My poor husband didn’t know what to do.  I did.  Been there done that with my Grandmother.  I went through all of my Mother-in-laws things:  she had a lot of silver and also a 2 carat, Diamond ring which was my engagement ring.   I told David,  ‘We have to sell that also to ensure your mother has a proper memorial and burial at the Synagogue‘.     I called an Antique dealer.  Just an FYI: The dealer happened to be a Jew.  He also ripped us off.  Our silver, gold utensils, rings, jewelry and more.. This fellow “Jew” offered us rock bottom prices for everything, knowing fully well that in Jewish tradition, a person gets buried very quickly and we were sort of desperate.

Our friend (I’ll call him Tony, the ‘mobster’) came over to see how we were. Asked if we needed help with money.    When David told him that we had sold the 2 carat Diamond ring for pretty cheap, he reprimanded my husband for not coming to Tony for help  Then Tony asked who this Antique dealer was..we told him and we also informed Tony that he would be back tomorrow to buy more at 10:30 AM.  Tony left.

The next day at 10:30 AM, the dealer didn’t show. Didn’t answer the telephone either.  Tony had paid him a little visit advising him to never return to our house to rip us off again.  Who knows what Tony said to the dealer and who cares.

That’s the ‘real’ ‘mob’, people.

I’ll take the NYC “Mob” over the DC Cartel ANY DAY.

Above Video by: Dominic battaglia @scooterboydom

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