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Open Letter To @POTUS: Leave Twitter And Go To Gab.

Open Letter To @POTUS:  Leave Twitter And Go To Gab.

Dear President Trump;

  I realize that you have an outlet on Twitter to speak to the people at present.  However, many people who have supported you from the beginning have been suspended from Twitter. A lot of us have been tossed from the forum merely for retaliating against globalists and left wing radicals.  We have no voice anymore on Twitter and neither do you:  Is Twitter censoring positive replies to Donald Trump’s Tweets? 

It’s past time for the left-wing to ‘be finished’.   They are not finished as long as their tools & weapons are powerful.    If you/we are to start ‘running the show’, it is time to support the outlets who can help you to do just that.   It’s time for new weapons, Mr. Trump.  It’s time to enrich good people and good companies.

President Trump, if you are to make a statement against “Fake News”, it’s time to lay the ax to the root.  If they truly are fake news, stop using their outlets.  At present, you are the tail, not the head. We all have to stop using the tools of the left.  We have to pioneer.

The alternative is Gab.  It’s the same type platform as Twitter.  People will hear you there.  Patriotic Americans will join Gab and Twitter will be finished.  If you want the real news to be heard: Go to Gab:  https://gab.ai/auth/login        Help them become the new engine.  


The Mad Jewess, (Pauli) from Prescott, AZ


PS:   We know you hate a loser:  Twitter stocks dip below 20 to an all time low…..

Anonymous Threatens The Mad Jewess W/ Being Guilty Of “Hate Crimes” For Reporting #BlackViolence

#EXPECTUS! Anonymous Threatens The Mad Jewess W/ Being Guilty Of “Hate Crimes” For Reporting #BlackViolence


One of Obama’s buddies, who can’t seem to hack Obama’s computers to find out what the Stalinist dictator is up to – wants to hack The mean ‘ol Mad Jewess.   For what?   Reporting black violence and black on white crime, of course.. A hate crime is when a minority has been targeted unjustly.  I am a minority who is being targeted unjustly by “Anonymous.”    Actually, I am THE minority:   I am Sephardic Jew and American Iroquois Christian.    I fight for whites, am anti-illegals, (I have reported countless crimes of the illegals) am anti-war,  pro-Israel, anti-Obama, anti-Liberal Jew, and a far rightie. 

I will continue to report black violence to so that Americans can be protected from young, black, Liberal, sons-of-Obama.  The MSM won’t do it.  Someone has to.  A few of us do.

I will continue to point out the defamation of Israel.

I will continue to report the war crimes of the Obama administration with Soros connections.

I will continue no matter how many times I have been hacked, sent virus’ etc.

(I don’t know what this jackass means “Kill Whittie”)

Here is his/her tweet:


The jackass also went after Pat Dollard:

I also pray to my God in the heavens that he will judge the group “Anonymous” who want to hide these black on white REAL murders & hate crimes against humanity from the public:


Antonio Santiago (below) was murdered by this young, Obama supporter, above.

It is a ‘hate crime’ to report the above hate crimes.