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Ukrainian Politician – Vladislav Gronvald “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”

Ukrainian Politician From Donetsk Vladislav Gronvald: “KIEV ADMITS NO RUSSIAN INVASION”


The Ukrainian politician fron Donetsk says:

“If the Russian army had really invaded Ukraine, the war would have ended within a week on the border with Poland.  And they all really understand this,” he added. 


  • How could Americans have not put this aforementioned statement together in 2014 when John McCain fomented revolution in Kiev?
  • OR When Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian Gas Company?
  • OR When Soros emails were hacked showing he was the master puppet of the Ukrainian SNAFU?
  • OR When Pierre Omidyar donated a half a million to the phony Ukrainian revolt? 


Here is the Ukrainian politicians facebook page post:  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=595810853950811&id=100005657052342

Which was linked by “Fort Russ”, a website which reports on activities in war-torn areas:  Click on the Fort Russ website. 

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Image of the above post from Ukraine:


@SenJohnMcCain Needs To Be Investigated For Interfering In Ukraine’s Politics

@SenJohnMcCain Needs To Be Investigated For Interfering In Ukraine’s Politics/Elections

In December 2013, John McCain was involved in a coup d’etat in the city of Kiev, which is in Ukraine.  The President of Ukraine at the time was Yanukovych.  The Ukrainian leader had just signed a pact with Russia to continue using their energy sources.  Why shouldn’t Ukraine have used Russian energy?  Kiev had no problem with Russian energy (with the exception of late payments).

John McCain, Soros and a band of takeover rovers were not going to have Ukraine continue friendly relations with Russia. 

Here is proof of my allegation:

John McCain is responsible for the installation of a very rogue government in Ukraine.  A regime that is Nazi in nature.  

I have proof of this allegation also:


Since John McCain is more interested in Ukraine than Arizona…

Donald Trump should have him deported to Ukraine and strip him of every last dime.

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