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Three Head Fakes: More Crashing Of The Stock Market?

yellenThree Head Fakes

Authored by Dr. David Levee

Tuesday Jan 19, 2016 was the third head fake in the stock market – that’s where you have a “crash”-  you think it’s over because there is an uptick – then, whoops, you have another crash…

If you get three head fakes, it usually means “abandon ship”. At this point it is entirely possible the Dow could crash another 1,000 points  – all the way to DJIA 14,000 – and it would still be considered “normal” territory. What’s a few $ Trillion among friends?

No one likes the feeling of falling – unless you know Mommy or Daddy is there to catch you, then it’s fun. The only person left to catching the falling US market and economy is the Federal Reserve – and the latest Sorcerer’s Apprentice at the helm is – as the Mad Jewess points out – yet another liberal Jew, we’ll call her “the Fed Jewess”.

If you really want to know what’s going on, it’s fairly simple –
Imagine you can’t pay for food, so you go to the Dollar Store and buy a pack of kid’s play money. Then you go to Piggly Wiggly and present it to the cashier – and surprise! they take the play money just like it’s “real” – and you walk out the door with the food.

As you walk to your car in the parking lot, you have a fleeting thought, “I wonder who really paid for my food…” but who cares, right?

So since 2009 that’s how the US has been running – 36% of Americans have no job now – they literally can’t buy food any more – and the reason for that is the industrial might that used to be the United States has just floated across the sea to China – they don’t have enough workers in China – they’re even hiring Africans, Indians, Russians, and South Americans to run the Chinese Empire.

“The 36%” eat because the Fed prints play money all day long. But sometime, somebody actually gets the bill for the food. It’s like in the story above, suddenly one day the person goes to the grocery store and the cashier says – “Ah! you have to pay for all that food now!! – all of it for the past seven years – all right now, all at once!!”

You’re watching the food get paid for in the stock market right now – whenever a stock is sold, guess what – someone has to buy it. Who do you think is buying stocks?

Yep, you guessed it, the Chinese, the oil countries, rich people, etc – stocks represent the assets of American companies – so they are buying up American assets on the cheap. Nice game if you can play it.

Did you see Ben Hur? remember all those hunky men in chains who were rowing the oars? remember when the guy with the whip said “Ramming speed!” and the strong guys with a pea brain just rowed as fast as they could – right into another ship!

American men have become weak and feminized, they could rise up and take care of the guy with the whip easy – but their minds have been sodomized by the liberal crazies.

If you are a good monopoly player, this all couldn’t be better – it’s a card game in a saloon – after this crash “bottoms out” – Putin will say “I’ll take another slice of America, bartender” – China will say “make mine a double”.

Seven more years will pass… millions more US jobs will float off across the water… weak feminized men will “cut back” to “make ends meet” while their women and children will “do without”… the Fed Jewess will cast the spell of “QE5” which will be the equivalent of printing money on bubble gum wrappers… as the Mad Jewess said, it will be slow, not all at once… but the American Empire is over… done in by the murder of millions of unborn children, sexual perversion – sodomy, a small but very loud problem that gives people nasty diseases – and adultery, a very big but the-preachers-are-silent problem that destroys the fabric of trust and loyalty in society, and the ancient worship of the earth – baby seals are better than baby humans – climate bullshit to steal “carbon taxes” from the unwashed masses so billionaires can buy more rain forest for themselves – meanwhile they’re spraying aluminum particles mixed with acid to “prevent hurricanes” – forget about the little bugs called “humans” who breathe it in…

Seven more years… this is the last part of the runway for men to stand up and and fly the plane out of here

Seven more years… last call for American patriots to stand for the ageless truths of the Jewish Bible

Footnote: if you like to play parcheesi, this is soon a good opportunity to buy Chinese stocks, preferably in renminbi currency – China’s current 4% growth rate is considered a “depression” there while the US “recovery” is actually a minus 2% decline – if you see oil at $10 buy all you can afford, unless you think China is going out of business anytime soon – China used more oil in 2015 than anytime in its history…

And like the Mad Jewess said, buy guns, lots of guns to protect yourselves against the zombies fleeing the cities – and food, lots of food so your family can survive – if you’re a man that is, otherwise just cower as the Empire collapses around you…

.#DOW DOWN ANOTHER -379. Is Collapse Finally Here? NBC: ‘Will Be WORSE Than 2008’

.#DOW DOWN ANOTHER -450. Is Collapse Finally Here? NBC: ‘Will Be WORSE Than 2008’

In 1929, they were dancing and singing.. Just like in the days of  Noah.. Then, they went through 15 plus lean years & in great want..



All I can say is buy food, non perishables.  Gold/Silver worth bunk when food is a luxury.  You can’t go wrong with food. Because you will always nourish yourself with it.

NEW YORK (AP) — Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, more than half of them in the U.S. and another big chunk in its challenging Brazilian market.

AOL:  Wall St. hemorrhages as oil tumbles and China fears deepen – CLICK AOL/Huffington Post

See all of the enclosed links in the Tweets:

Liberal freaks always laugh at “Doomsday Prophecies”.  Whatever.  It is what it is and it is time to fall.  We cannot sustain 20 trillion plus debt.

This is what I believe:  The collapse is here. It will be slow.  Not really too fast. It will just keep crashing for a year.   I believe that Obama will abuse this time.  Perhaps create a Martial Law scenario–it’s possible.   OR, he may have big plans to be the head of the UN.   At any rate, this bastard will ‘seize the opportunity’ because he will smell fear.   When he sees and smells that fear,  he will hurt us all even more.

At any rate:  Buy dried foods, stock up on ammo.  I think it will be a long, bumpy ride and the worst of times are ahead.   Times such as we have never seen before in the world.  Put your faith in God. Read your Bible.  Pray.  I will try to pray more also.

Get out of the cities.

Get out & escape the mess.

“Sell everything except high-quality bonds,” warned Andrew Roberts, the bank’s research chief for European economics and rates. “We think investors should be afraid.”

AND: Oil is declining towards $20 a barrel and experts suggests it may even hit $10-.  (While that is good for little peons like us, it aint good for the big oil men which means we’ll take it in the a$$, so to speak.)

This is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for Obama the insane to create Martial Law.


The Rest Of The World Is Preparing For The Collapse Of The USD

The Rest Of The World Is Preparing For The Collapse Of The USD


Imagine the scenario: 

Russia, tired of the non-stop defamation of their President and country aligns with China (who we owe a few billion dollars) and they decide to bomb our major cities.  6 months before the Russian/Chinese invasion, the dollar collapses and food lines are nationwide.  EBT dries up.  Social Security stops paying monthly checks to half of the nation’s seniors. Prescription medications run dry. Welfare checks stop cold. Full blown race war breaks out in the streets….

At any rate, this is what is happening now:

Western allies are flocking to join the new China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), while the United States and World Bank sit on the sidelines and lecture them about “appropriate” financial governance.

Reuters reports:

EXCERPT:   The United States has urged countries to think twice before signing up to a new China-led Asian development bank that Washington sees as a rival to the World Bank, after Germany, France and Italy followed Britain in saying they would join.

The concerted move by U.S. allies to participate in Beijing’s flagship economic outreach project is a diplomatic blow to the United States and its efforts to counter the fast-growing economic and diplomatic influence of China.