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2 New Mad Jewess Vids: Realities of White Genocide & The US GOV DNC War Machine

First video, I address the realities of white genocide and white hating racists:

The War mongering DNC and how they do not declare any war but war against little nations and change regimes:

I have had a horrible flu and feel about 85% better. ¬†Still feel like a schlub ūüôĀ

White People Are Being Wiped Out But Whites Still In DENIAL Of Their Own Genocide


White People Are Being Wiped Out But Whites Still IN DENIAL Of Their Own Genocide

Last night, we had our friends over for dinner. ¬†Our friends are ‘race realists’. ¬†Meaning, they know they are targeted for white genocide merely for existing as white people: Just as the Jews in Germany were targeted, Christians in Russia. ¬† Under totalitarians, a race or a people are always targeted for removal: ¬†left wing or right wing, it does not matter. ¬†

At any rate: ¬†our friends were explaining to us how their kids are raising their children to not be ‘racist’ against browns, blacks, etc. ¬† So, what they are indoctrinating¬†their¬†children with is: “Embrace diversity”. ¬† ¬†And, that my friends is ¬†how most white households are. ¬†That is how I, myself grew up.¬†

How would I have ever known that many black and brown households are not teaching their children to love me & my children? ¬† The answer is obvious: ¬†Most (or many) black and brown families teach their kids to hate white people with a passion. ¬†This is not ‘equality’. ¬†They are teaching their children hatred and murder for the whites (Caucasians).

How would I have ever known as a kid – that in the ‘real world’, I would be robbed and beaten by blacks? Because I was. ¬† How would I have ever known that Mexican people would breed all over the place and take over the neighborhood I grew up in? ¬†My husband’s family member, a young Jewish girl would be raped, sodomized and beaten (as a virgin) by a black male?

Kids that are taught to be ‘good’ do not think the world is all that bad. ¬†So, they are indoctrinated and brainwashed with this nonsense that is killing them off. ¬†We learned the hard way. ¬†We didn’t have to though.



Save your family. ¬†F’ck the status quo.

If whites are not being beaten, robbed or murdered, this is what is happening in their towns:


The World Will Save A Dying Lion In #SouthAfrica But, Not Whites In South Africa

The World Will Save A Dying Lion In #SouthAfrica But, Not Whites In South Africa



You know, this photo has just broken me. I very much believe in signs from God.  Indeed the white people in SA were like lions, strong, free.

Militant black bastard murderers are murdering whites in SA and NO ONE IS HELPING.
This lion is BEGGING for help.  Just as the whites in SA are.

Why are people’s lives of no damned importance unless they are ruthless black monsters?!

PRAY for whites in SA

Click:  Story here..

South Africa – Genocide Watch



One Thousand (NON WHITE) Illegal Occupiers A Day Have Settled Here Under Obama

One Thousand (NON WHITE) Illegal Occupiers A Day Have Settled Here Under Obama (Jared Taylor explains Trump & why people love him  in the aforementioned video)

Why are whites from South Africa not allowed to come here?¬† Why not White Europeans?¬† Why only Hispanics?¬† Why only dumbbells from the 3rd world who are stupid and don’t even know what a toilet is? Why?¬† Because the Progressive, Liberal Communists want no more white nations or white people.¬† It’s called genocide.¬†


My colleague Steven Camarota has calculated that about 2.5 million of the illegal immigrants here today have come since Obama’s inauguration. That’s 1,000 new illegal immigrants a day. Read more at: National Review

NBC Names *ALL* WHITE America As USA’s “Biggest Terrorist Threat”-This IS Genocidal/Ethnic Cleansing Propaganda

NBC Names *ALL* WHITE America As USA’s “Biggest Terrorist Threat”-This IS Genocidal/Ethnic Cleansing Propaganda

The only threat that white Americans are: Is the threat to the Marxist, lawless, utopia, trinity of hell.


So, when will the anti-white purge begin?¬† Already, thousands of whites have been robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered by young, black males.¬† Illegal Hispanics have murdered 10’s of thousands of Americans, (predominantly whites) but the Nihilist Bolshevik, Communist NBC news says that “White Americans are the biggest terrorists”.¬†¬†¬† The left is not saying ‘extremists white American men or women’, they are flat out saying: WHITE AMERICANS.

This is genocidal propaganda.¬† Straight up.¬† If you can’t see this, you’re an idiot.

This is also what the Nazi’s did to all Jews: Demonized all of them, dehumanized all of them:¬† said they were evil, parasites, violent, etc.¬†¬† This is also what the Communists did to all Russian Christians and all religious, Orthodox Jews.¬†¬†¬† When will white American people wake the F’ck up and GET that if you are white, you ARE the NEW JEW.¬† That includes you white, Liberal snakes & Marxist Jews.¬† You dug your own graves.

NBC News:

White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study – NBC News

A George Soros and State Department funded organization, the New America Foundation, has released a report that states white Americans represent the largest domestic terror threat.

Whites are not going out, enmasse and murdering the illegal occupiers or blacks, they are not looting or robbing stores when one of their hood rats gets justifiably shot-  Criminal illegals are murdering whites, by the bushel:   Click- Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial РOJJPAC.org  Click-Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial: FNCIC-VOIACM

The NBC lies, Leftists lie. Liberals LIE.   It is the Communist/Prog/Liberals that are the enemy of America, most assuredly:   White America. 

They CREATED Dylann Roof with their white-hating, America-hating, homo-loving, militant-feminist-bitch network of aborted babies in the land that is the Marxist cess-pool we now call America. 

Like it or not:  The country was much better off under white men that were God fearing & Christian.   It is AWFUL under Marxist, white-hating, pro-black supremacist mad-people who want to genocide white America. Can you imagine the shape of this nation if ALL whites left or were murdered?

Don’t believe how bad it is?¬† This one photo should tell you the truth.


Baltimore protest. You WANT your nation to rule under this insanity?


The REAL terrorists are the “Liberals” Dozens Of Liberal Domestic Terrorists TMJ