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NYTimes & SPLC Scared To Death That White People Are Waking Up To The Racism Against Them

NYTimes & SPLC Scared To Death That White People Are Waking Up To The Racism Against Them


Morris Dees, the Communist, Liberal Gasbag.

“The message of white genocide is spreading.” Says Dees..  Well, it’s spreading because it is true.   If you refuse to allow people their homeland, it is genocide.

Evidently, if whites start waking up en masse, it is thought of as “White supremacy”, not white struggle, white suffering or white genocide.    See, only blacks, Mexicans, other minorities and Jews are allowed to suffer or dissent about their psychological pains…Only those aforementioned are allowed to complain about their unfair treatment.    But, whites are not allowed to dissent about affirmative action, trillions in reparations (that WE paid for) EOE, black and illegal on white crime, illegal on American crime.

Shhhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet, whitey..

EXCERPT from the NYTimes:   The rest of here..

White supremacists across the country, some displaying the apartheid South African flag, have participated in “White Man Marches” to raise awareness of the so-called white genocide.


Really..??  So, granting amnesty by executive order by a black President – to 5 million Hispanics (NON whites) and NOT to whites from Europe is not a form of genocide??   It is estimated that up to 20 million illegals from Mexico and South America are still in the country.   They are reproducing.  Whites are not.  White children will be a minority come 2016.   Obama wants to integrate white, upper middle class neighborhoods with poor blacks and Hispanics (potential volatile situation).   Whites fled the cities which are filled with Hispanics and blacks and now live in the mountains or the country…But, the people they sought to get away from (so they do not have to live in fear) are moving in to their neighborhoods.

In Britain, the #1 name for boys is “Mohammed”.    That is not a form of genocide?  It most certainly is:  The left just does not do it as ‘painful’ as the uber nationalists like for eg. the National Socialists, but it’s the same thing.  It’s just a matter of a slow death verses a quick death.

Another EXCERPT:

The (white) movement is bound to produce more violence, not necessarily from organized groups but from lone wolves like Anders Behring Breivik.

Noooooooooooo, Mr. Dees… you Communist/Liberals and your actions are producing reactions.  The “Lone Wolves” are created by you insane leftists & your race-hustling politics, forcing whites to live with those that hate them..   Leave white people alone.   Stop dumping on whites with the phoney, white guilt mantra – how all “Whites were slave drivers”, “Whites are privileged” jargon and put an end to illegal immigration.   Advise the black youth to stay in their own neighborhoods with themselves, ditto Hispanics.   If you refuse to leave whites alone, it is yourself that will have more blood on your hands, not the reactionaries.

Warning:  Just leave white people live in peace and you won’t see any more Dylann Roof’s.  But, if you keep agitating;  you will, unfortunately see more Roof’s.


Whites (Japanese Also) Targeted For Mass Genocide. Pictures Don’t Lie:

Whites (Japanese Also) Targeted For Mass Genocide. Pictures Don’t Lie:

The left calls you; “Racist, bigot, homophobe”, & they will call you that all the way to Fema Camps, Gulags & the guillotines.  

Take a good look at what the far left has done to the western male and then try to convince me that they are not emasculating men, breeding out the whites with blacks and Hispanics and homosexualizing the Japanese.



Germany does not even have Germans anymore. 

Look at the photo on the left:

The left can call us every name they want.  The truth is the truth: Whites and Japanese are becoming extinct. The left loves thisThey are genocidal maniacs and should be either hanged or deported.

Nobody Has Hurt The White Cause More Than The “White Rights” #WR Group On Twitter

Nobody has hurt the white cause more than the “White Rights” group on Twitter.  My wife’s friend, David Yeagley, who sadly died last year [also an American Indian like The Mad Jewess] worked hard for the White cause and was accepted.  My wife, however is not accepted in the Whites Rights cause because she is a Jew.

Above is “Howy” who is above complaining about how whites are being slaughtered.  My wife admired “Howy” and often spoke of his tenacity.  He also turned on The Mad Jewess because she is ‘not white?’  How did this help the cause?

Whites Rights have nobody to blame but themselves.  They have hurt one of the loudest and most vocal people who fought for them:  My wife.  A Jewish,  American Indian.


-David Ben Moshe

#BlackLivesMatter More Than Everyone Else: Over 300 Whites Murdered BY Blacks In 2014

#BlackLivesMatter More Than Everyone Else: Over 300 Whites Murdered BY Blacks In 2014


On twitter, leftist/Communists and black democrats have a ‘hash tag’ called “Black lives matter”.  In our opinion, it is black lives and only black lives that matter in USA.  Mexicans right behind them.

Top Conservative news reports this, below.  They have taken a yearly tally:

Go to table 42 (below) which clearly presents US Department of Justice statistics showing African American males committed 36,000 rapes of White women in one year. As a nation, as a society, we cannot afford to sweep ‘uncomfortable’ topics and facts under the carpet. These kinds of grievous problems and genuine hate crimes must be addressed, openly and directly if we are to survive as a society.  Click to see page 42 (Government doc)

According to the U.S. Department of Justice: Criminal Victimization in the United States: 32,443 white women were raped by blacks in 2006 compared to 0 (zero) white men raping black women. That’s 32,443 to zero! Look it up yourself, its on table 42, do the math, 194,270 X 16.7% = 32,443.



#WhiteIsTheNewJew DON’T Tell ME #WhiteGenocide Is Not Happening In America.

#WhiteIsTheNewJew DON’T Tell ME White Genocide Is Not Happening In America.


You take a damned good look at what is happening in America. If you have the guts.  If you are not afraid to be called ‘racist.’  (What a crock)    ..Look at some of the news stories in just 48-72 hours:  (Links from Gateway Pundit, C of CC & Pittsburgh news/NBC

Then we have the Nigger, Obama’s right hand man, Eric Holder – emboldening this genocide: Attorney General Eric Holder Suggests US Police Are an “Occupying Force”

During the summer, an American recorded the following:

If you can’t see what is happening here, you must be deaf, dumb and blind.  Whites are murdered everyday by blacks or another minorities.  Where are the aggressive,  patriotic blacks to speak out against this?  Where are the Jews to speak boldly against this?  Come on already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been blogging about this for years, telling people in my life about this massacre.. I have been laughed to scorn as whites are systematically murdered.  What is so damned funny about fellow whites being murdered!?  People have told me that ‘a few thousand is not genocide.’ 

What number will you bastards be happy with?!