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@benshapiro Does Not Give A Good Damn About America Becoming “Browned”

@benshapiro Does Not Give A Good Damn About America Becoming “Browned”

So, Ben spoke out against “DACA”.   But now, he does not care about the browning of America which is DACA:

Uh, Ben…”Browned” now means Muslims, Period

…Arab Muslims from Pakistan..  Browns from Syria.  Also browns from Mexico who have brought their own brand of terror: Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial – OJJPAC.org

 Most Muslims coming from the Middle East HATE Jews and they are butchering Christians.  The Communist Liberals are the ones that are making sure America is browned.  They don’t care about brown ideology either.  Just like you.

What the hell don’t you get?  “Color doesn’t matter, ideology does”.  Really?  Did you tell this crock of shit to the Europeans in Paris? London? Germany?  The last time I looked, it wasn’t those pesky white males stabbing people in London.  These brown ‘humans’ already come with an ideology: Destroy the west.

White people are being REPLACED in EU, replaced in America.  If this was happening to the Jewish people in USA or Israel, you would cry like a baby and that’s a fact.  America was made great by WHITE MALES. PERIOD. 

A fake Jew dude rebuked Ben, but he is right:


AND: You are on such a stupid band-wagon of Trump-hate that you say things that just create more Jew-hate and I can’t take up for you. I used to.  Not anymore.   And, you don’t even criticize your Prez for the right reasons.  You have said nothing about the US GOV bombing Syria, for eg.  Your tweets are as ridiculous as the Tweets the Prez posts making fun of Hollywood. (Which are funny but unnecessary)


Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans: KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT. White Civilization NOW

Blacks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans:  KILL YOURSELF, ASAP. JUST DO IT.  White Civilization NOW


I am calling on all of the untermenschen to kill themselves.  



Why hide the fact that only minorities of the minorities are sane?  Most blacks, Jews, Muslims and Mexicans are die hard Communist/Socialist leeches.  With the exception of the leftist Jews who use other minorities to help with the anti-American, Communist agenda–the rest of the minorities are just parasites, a cancer, depraved, disgusting, have & no respect for polite society & sane civilization.  

It’s time to undo “give us your tired & your poor”

Jews, Blacks, Muslims (especially) and Mexicans:  Deport yourselves, have more abortions, stop eating, go on a fast, kill your kids, kill your wives, kill your husbands, burn your house down, I don’t care.  Just do it.  We need your help.  We need a better society and you may as well all just DIE QUICKLY.

Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

If it’s ok for a magazine to write this here in: Medusa Magazine, then my post is AOK in a ‘free’ world.  Lets rock in the free world without minority pigs! YEAH!! WHITE ONLY NOW.

If it is not ok to say this about minorities, it should not be ok to say it about whites: Barely 10% of the WORLD population.