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Where Christian & Jewish Zionists Are WRONG!! Supporting Al Qaeda In #Syria “For Israel” Is WRONG!

Where Christian & Jewish Zionists Are WRONG! Supporting Al Qaeda In #Syria “For Israel” Is WRONG!

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This morning, Wikileaks released a document that proves everything us “Putin trolls” have been telling the world for years about Syria:  WE (OUR GOVERNMENT) IS SUPPORTING JIHADISTS, THIS IS MURDERING CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA AND ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST.

For many years, I have blogged about Syria:    On my old blog.   And here on this one:  Click here.

Here is the leak from Wikileaks:

Now, to the gist and my rebuke:

For many years I have blogged and tweeted on Twitter about the facts in Syria, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine.  Many called me “nuts”, “Putin Troll”, etc.   Many were Jewish and Christian Zionists.  The last 8 days or so since Trump decided he wanted to go bomb Syria, I stood up to you then also.  On my facebook page, here, other sites, in my life, you name it.  

Many Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists over the years have rebuked me for not wanting to ‘protect Israel‘ by fighting Assad because his chemical weapons could reach Israel…   First of all, there are 52 reports that show that ISIS used chem weapons on the Syrian people and NOT Assad:  

2nd:  Fact-Assad is protecting his Christians in Syria:  #Syria: Bashar Assad LIBERATED Christians In Syria W/ Thanks From Virginia Senator



I have never been ‘anti-Israel‘, because they, like us, have suffered from an evil government.  I support people who are right minded living there.  I do not automatically support Israel: (it’s government when they are wrong).  I ‘test the spirits’.  I sift.

BUT:  How can you justify wanting to ‘protect Israel’ by supporting Al Qaeda ie. (ISIS, the Syrian Rebels, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc)?  How can you justify this?  How can you justify the murders of Christians in the middle east to protect Israel?  How does that make sense?  Are you the one that is mad?  For years, people told me ‘It’s hard to read The Mad Jewess’ website because she curses..’   I curse when I am angry at wrong-doing, you inadvertently support the murder of your fellow Christians in the middle east.  I am evil because I curse (clearly out of frustration) but you are not wrong because you are murderers.  Wikileaks is all the proof you need to stop it all now.  Seems that they are the only ones with credibility anymore..

Last:  Israel does not need our ‘blood and treasure’.   Israel, if faithful to God, has God.   Are you of so little faith that you have to murder people to support Israel?  Does that not make you more like a Jihadist than a Christian or a Jew?    Well, newsflash:  You ARE a Jihadist because you have supported war.   You wanted MORE war in Syria through President Trump. Obama and Hillary’s policies through Trump.   You’re murderers and a murderer takes NO part in Gods kingdom… so you had better spend the rest of your time on this earth repenting for this evil.

Another inconvenient fact:  The middle east Christians absolutely know that you think the way you do because you believe that ‘supports Israel.’   This is a huge reason why they are ‘Zionist haters.’   They are dying by torture, rape, murder, beatings, etc.  They are not allowed to hate you because you’re supporting Jihadists?  You want them to be ‘loving and kind‘ as you are? 

Blame-Shifting #DNC Now Blames Putin & Russia For #WikiLeaks: Grasping For Straws

Blame-Shifting #DNC Now Blames Putin & Russia For #WikiLeaks: Grasping For Straws

An art-illustration with two people playing the blame game.

The DNC is falling apart at the seams.  And, nobody in the Democrat party is taking responsibility..

Never in my lifetime did I imagine that we would ever see the Communist Democrat party actually coming undone.  Truly, this is the hand of the Lord God.  They never had chinks in their armor. Never.  It was never the Democrats who forced their own people into resignations, it was always demanded of the Republican party: Trent Lott, John Ashcroft, and more.  What did Ashcroft even do wrong? Nothing.  Neither did Trent Lott.  But, they were forced into resigning because of the far leftists in the Democrat party.

You all know now that Wikileaks has released over 19,500 emails with one embarrassment after the next:  Most Damaging Emails From the DNC WikiLeaks Dump – ABC  



Instead of demanding the resignation of the bigger names in the Democrat party, sites like the “Observer” say:  Wikileaks Dismantling of DNC Is Clear Attack by Putin on Clinton

QUOTE:  “Assange and Wikileaks are surrogates for Putin

How it got out does not matter anymore, kids.   But,  Assange (Wikileaks founder) does say:  WikiLeaks founder: ‘No proof’ Russians hacked DNC

The Atlantic also blames Russia:  Was Russia Behind the DNC Hack?   The AtlanticJul 25, 2016

Did you know that Hillary interfered in the Russian elections in 2011?

What these pseudo conservative sites leave out is the fact that Hillary herself tampered in Russian elections: She set the tone for certain actors inside the country; she gave the signal, Putin said of Clinton at the time, accusing her of ordering the opposition movement into action like some kind of revolutionary sleeper cell. “They heard this signal and, with the support of the U.S. State Department, started actively doing their work.”


Jack Link's Jerky no smh nah no way

The Democrat party, the Liberals, Marxists, Mao-ists and the Communists must realize that “Death comes to us all”..    Including the death of your Democrat party.   It is time to take responsibility for yourselves, Dems.  Blaming Russians for your own idiocy is not working and more Wikileaks will be released.. 😀  Baruch HaShem.

  For 7 plus years, we have watched the traitorous sellouts of the GOP ‘go along’ with anything Obama did and said.   All of his far-left politics have turned this nation upside down.   The GOP has been falling apart for almost 8 years.  Now, its the Democrats turn…

And, let me be frank: I’m lovin it.


*KNIVES OUT IN PHILLY (FPM) Democrats in disarray.