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Where Christian & Jewish Zionists Are WRONG!! Supporting Al Qaeda In #Syria “For Israel” Is WRONG!

Where Christian & Jewish Zionists Are WRONG! Supporting Al Qaeda In #Syria “For Israel” Is WRONG!

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This morning, Wikileaks released a document that proves everything us “Putin trolls” have been telling the world for years about Syria:  WE (OUR GOVERNMENT) IS SUPPORTING JIHADISTS, THIS IS MURDERING CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA AND ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST.

For many years, I have blogged about Syria:    On my old blog.   And here on this one:  Click here.

Here is the leak from Wikileaks:

Now, to the gist and my rebuke:

For many years I have blogged and tweeted on Twitter about the facts in Syria, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine.  Many called me “nuts”, “Putin Troll”, etc.   Many were Jewish and Christian Zionists.  The last 8 days or so since Trump decided he wanted to go bomb Syria, I stood up to you then also.  On my facebook page, here, other sites, in my life, you name it.  

Many Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists over the years have rebuked me for not wanting to ‘protect Israel‘ by fighting Assad because his chemical weapons could reach Israel…   First of all, there are 52 reports that show that ISIS used chem weapons on the Syrian people and NOT Assad:  

2nd:  Fact-Assad is protecting his Christians in Syria:  #Syria: Bashar Assad LIBERATED Christians In Syria W/ Thanks From Virginia Senator



I have never been ‘anti-Israel‘, because they, like us, have suffered from an evil government.  I support people who are right minded living there.  I do not automatically support Israel: (it’s government when they are wrong).  I ‘test the spirits’.  I sift.

BUT:  How can you justify wanting to ‘protect Israel’ by supporting Al Qaeda ie. (ISIS, the Syrian Rebels, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc)?  How can you justify this?  How can you justify the murders of Christians in the middle east to protect Israel?  How does that make sense?  Are you the one that is mad?  For years, people told me ‘It’s hard to read The Mad Jewess’ website because she curses..’   I curse when I am angry at wrong-doing, you inadvertently support the murder of your fellow Christians in the middle east.  I am evil because I curse (clearly out of frustration) but you are not wrong because you are murderers.  Wikileaks is all the proof you need to stop it all now.  Seems that they are the only ones with credibility anymore..

Last:  Israel does not need our ‘blood and treasure’.   Israel, if faithful to God, has God.   Are you of so little faith that you have to murder people to support Israel?  Does that not make you more like a Jihadist than a Christian or a Jew?    Well, newsflash:  You ARE a Jihadist because you have supported war.   You wanted MORE war in Syria through President Trump. Obama and Hillary’s policies through Trump.   You’re murderers and a murderer takes NO part in Gods kingdom… so you had better spend the rest of your time on this earth repenting for this evil.

Another inconvenient fact:  The middle east Christians absolutely know that you think the way you do because you believe that ‘supports Israel.’   This is a huge reason why they are ‘Zionist haters.’   They are dying by torture, rape, murder, beatings, etc.  They are not allowed to hate you because you’re supporting Jihadists?  You want them to be ‘loving and kind‘ as you are? 

Damned Zionists! Israeli’s Want To Build A Wall On USA Southern Border.

Damned Zionists! Israeli’s Want To Build A Wall On USA’s Southern Border. 


All of the White Supremacists that have spent so much time attacking me: (a serious nationalist, closed borders advocate) on Twitter the last 6 months will have to eat shit over this one.

—>> An Israeli company wants to help build our wall to keep out Mexican terrorists:  Click on the Jerusalem post to see.

“We would join forces with a major US defense company that has experience with such projects worldwide,” said Koursh, who spoke to Bloomberg while accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Africa on a diplomatic mission in early July. “We’ve done it in the past and we would definitely want to do it.”

The ‘open borders for Israel’ crowd:  

You really should stop your bullshit about Israel ‘needing open borders’.. Why?  Because God will turn on us for dumping on them.  And, then the whole world will come over here and scream “APARTHEID AMERICA!”  (Like they did in South Africa) & now there is all out white genocide there.   Stop your madness.  Israel should not have to be blamed for all of our woes because of American Liberal “Jews”.

Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred. When It’s Real Vs When We Instigate It

Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred.  When It’s Real Vs When We Instigate It


This morning, I awoke to Nazis/ White “Advocates” on my Twitter page.   They Tweeted me photos of dead Jews, ashes, ovens.  This is my profile page on Twitter:


I ♥ God. DAR/Iroquois & Sephardic/JEW.  Alpha-Female.    Anti-Feminist.   Rated R @ times. If U’r not Anti Palestine, U’r DUMB.   FOR a wall on the border, 100%.

NO DM’s, Pro white,  ANTI Nazi
As you can plainly see, I am a very-right wing, patriotic person.  I am also anti-war (because we don’t war anymore, we change regimes and install radical dictators)  That is not war, that is bully.
At any rate:  I am a ethnic Sephardic Jew by my Mother and an American Indian (Iroquois) Christian by my Father.  I have a mix of a couple other nationalities.     I was not raised to hate my country, to want to fill America with illegals from Mexico, Africa, what have you.   I am a morally sound person.   There is no real reason that anyone should attack me.   Yes, I care for Israeli people.. But, I live here in Arizona and America is my first priority.  
However, I get attacked merely for having the name “Mad Jewess Woman” on Twitter.  Just my name alone is open to a barrage of insane attacks from Nazi and Left lunatics who just hate all Jews.  They were born that way, stupid – usually by brainwashed Socialist/Communists Parents or Neo-Nazi mind f’cker Mothers and Fathers.



Now take someone like Luciana Berger.  She is a Jewish woman who is running for Mayor in Liverpool, UK.  Here’s the kicker- she is ‘anti-racist’.   Anyone who is not read does not understand what an ‘anti racist’ is.   An ‘anti racist’ is a person who pretends they are for minorities (but really just for Communism).   “Anti racists” are usally disgusting & derogatory  toward white people.    Another kicker:  Britain, historically – is filled with Whites/Anglos/Saxons.  
If you are an ‘anti-racist’ who is treating indigenous Brits badly, you are going to catch some hell, and rightly!  Berger is also for open borders and voted no to the “Brexit”.    Luciana is working against the well -being of Brits.    So, she is not only going to face the usual Jew-hatred just for being Jewish..  She is going to face it in gang-busters for being anti-Britain.  People will dump on your Jewishness because that’s what humans do when they are angered.  But, instigating it is another matter.
A Jew has NO place to be anti-patriotic.  This is serious Chilul HaShem (a desecration to God almighty).  Why is it a desecration?  Because God made all the countries and lands and all the people in it.   God did not just make minorities.  God absolutely cares about everyone in the earth.  Not just browns, Asians or even Jews only.   I told this same type thing to Luciana Berger:  Click to see...    Liberal Jews: You should get out of politics.  There is no place in this world for Liberalism because of Muslims.  To survive in majority white countries:  Jews and White Christians alike – a healthy Conservative attitude is necessary.    Closed borders are needed ASAP just like Saudi has.   Voting and encouraging patriotic people to run for office is a serious necessity right now.
Of course, Jews do not want to be targeted, bullied and picked on.  
But, the Liberal Jews who are adding fuel to the fire are not going to get much sympathy from me or anyone else for that matter.  I am going to remain a pro-white Jew because I am sick of the bigotry against whites at the hands of Mexicans, Blacks and even many Liberal Jews.     I am also very aware that white males built this nation.    I believe that Britain is supposed to be a Cauc country as well as all of the countries in Europe.    The culture  in Europe was developed by white people.   If that culture is gone, so goes white people.  Whites are about 12% of the world population.  THAT is a minority.    I hate when people dump on Jews and Christians for no reason but I also deplore when the left does this to white minority Europeans.

Here ends the lesson:

Picking on Jews just because?  That means you’re an asshole & loser.

Jews who are instigating their own demise? You deserve it and I’ll grant no sympathy toward your plight.

.Nathaniel Kapner Lies About Israel: “ISIS Is Greater Israel’s Scheme”, Blaming Israel For U.S. “Jews”

Nathaniel Kapner Lies About Israel: “ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme”, Blaming Israel For US “Jews”

I have followed all of the events of Syria, ISIS, The Syrian Rebels, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Montenegro, Moldova from the day of their fake “Arab Spring”.  I have told the truth.  I tell you the truth now:

Nobody can convince me that American Liberal “Jews” are not a problem.  Because they are a huge problem.  Kapner calls them “Neo-Cons” meaning New Conservatives.   I just call them traitors, treacherous, Communists, “Erav Rav”.   “Neo-Con” American “Jews” and any left wing “Jew” operates in total defiance to God.  I believe they are completely reprobate.  Sometimes, Kapner is right.  But, he is totally wrong about this.

In this video above, Kapner is blaming ISRAEL for American “Jews”.   He has no facts to support his allegations, either.   He just shows 4 loud mouth ‘neo cons’ that are Jews.   He does NOT show you all of the non-Jew ‘neo-cons’ though & that is the problem with the Jew haters—they ONLY show you the Jews.  

Kapner does not show the various talking-headed monsters from the GOP like John McCain, the leading war mongering nut.   The “Jews” Kapner mentions ARE a problem.  But, they have nothing to do with Israel’s decision making, OBVIOUSLY:

He forgets to show you these pesky facts:

Fact #1.  Israel refused to enter into western led sanctions against Russia: Israeli Minister: Exports to Russia Will Continue, Regardless of EU/US sanctions.. (Haaretz)

Fact #2.  Israel and Russia to coordinate Syrian military efforts …, Russia and Israel Quietly Collaborating on Attacks in Syria (NewsMax)  The fact that Israel is ‘coordinating’ with Russia shows that they are NOT involved with the US ISIS ‘team.’   #Russia’s D.M., Igor Konashenkov: “We Are In Training With Our Partners “ISRAEL” (My website)

Fact #3.  Israel exports fruits to Russia after the west sanctioned Russia After Shunning Europe, Russia Turning to Israel for Fruit … (Haaretz)

Fact #4.  Israel set to send supplies of meat to Russia by the year-end (Global meat)

About ISIS: It was the US GOVERNMENT that created ISIS to topple Assad.  NOT Israel.  The below report mentions NOTHING about Israel:

Pentagon Report attained by Judicial Watch: PDF Pgs. 287-293 (291) JW v DOD and State 14-812 – Judicial

The fact that Israel is working with Russia regarding Syria shows you that Kapner is full of shit.  Piles deep. 

It is past time to put blame where blame belongs regarding the USA:  Obama, McCain, and ALL of the people involved, not just Jews, 24-7.   Kapner needs to stop blaming only Jews and show all of the people involved. It’s called balance.   Just because he had a come to Jesus moment does not mean he should blame Jews and Israel for everything.

Israel is not perfect.  Far from it.  But the allegations I hear on a daily basis regarding Israel are so ‘over the top’ it is friggin amazing.  Do some research for gods sakes.


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Israeli Interior Ministry Official Commits Suicide After Black Bitch Calls Him “RACIST”-Jews DIED 4 BLACKS!

Interior Ministry Official Commits Suicide After Black Bitch Calls Him “RACIST”-Jews DIED 4 BLACKS!


THIS is what progressivism is all about:  Naming those who are not racists, racist..  And, yes – an atheist “Jew”, Leon Trotsky invented the phoney word and now it backfires on the Liberal Jews. IDIOTS!!!

How any Jew can promote the “That’s racist” jargon is beyond me.  But, let’s cut to the chase:  (anti-Jew, Liberal) Jews (to their own determent) have supported minorities much to the unhappiness of nations, yet they are called racists by the very people that they did the most for: BLACKS.  

Many blacks (not all, but many) now support the enemy of the Jews.  Black males beat Jews in Crown Heights.  Blacks are beating whites, looting cities and idiot, left wing Jews support this insanity.  ANYONE who tells me that the ‘Jews are in it for the Jews‘ ever again,  I will blow a gasket.  Jews need to start looking out for themselves here in USA and in Israel and stand with white America.  Enough is ENOUGH.


See how this Jewish man killed his own self by a word one of his fellow Jews invented and now the blacks use against Jews and Christians:  CLICK HERE

This is why I don’t even budge when I am named a racist.  Because it is a LIE.  The whole word is a LIE.  And, the only bigots are young, black males and many young, black females who murder, rape and beat whites, Asians and Jews as they scream racist and burn our cities.



Jews died for blacks during the Civil rights era.  

Many Blacks HATE Jews.  Deal with it.